South High School

  • photo portrait of Officer Troy Nielsen Officer Troy Nielsen

     Phone: 701-446-2025

      How long have you been a police officer? 
    I’ve worked for the Fargo Police Dept for 19 years. Before that, I worked for the Cass County Sheriff’s dept as a corrections officer for 3 ½ years.

    How long have you been a School Resource Officer (SRO)? 
    Well, I’m pretty new to the SRO thing. I did fill in for Officer Jason Abel in Feb 2018 when he broke his leg. I have about 1 ½ months of experience so far. I have lots to learn, so we’ll see if the old adage about “teaching an old dog new tricks” either way.

    Why did you become an SRO? 
    I’d always listened to other SROs about their experiences. Being a traffic guy, I never gave it much thought. In February, Fargo North SRO Jason Abel broke his ankle and had been out of school for a couple of weeks. Lt. George Vinson asked officers on the Day shift patrol if anybody wanted to fill in. I’d had no experience with being an SRO but thought I’d give it a shot. I LOVED it!!! I got to be involved in things that I’d never done before. Worked with a group of people that I’d never worked with before. But mostly, I found that I liked working with the students and being able to help out if I could. Being part of a team and something bigger than myself again.

    What is your training and education?
    Lots. OK, not a good answer. I am a graduate of Fargo South High, class of 1989. Attended both NDSU and MSU for my BA in Criminal Justice. I attended the North Dakota State Academy in 2000 after being hired by the Fargo Police. My biggest contribution through training and education that I’ve made for the Police Department is being the subject matter expert on Impaired Drivers.