LRE-Behavior Task Force

  • The Least Restrictive Environment-Behavior Task Force was a regional task force that has an objective to determine the services needed to support students with severe behavioral needs and who are unsuccessful in a least restrict environment-Setting C. The LRE-Behavior task force defined the type of services needed, where and how the services would occur, cost, and develop recommendations to forward to the school boards of the participating school districts.

    The LRE-Behavior Task Force met during fall 2018 on the following dates:

    • Thursday, September 27
    • Tuesday, October 16
    • Tuesday, October 30
    • Thursday, November 8
    • Tuesday, November 20
    • Monday, December 17

    The meetings were held at the Jon L. Wanzek Center for Scouting building, located at 4200 19th Avenue South in Fargo from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. The meetings were facilitated by Dr. David Flowers.

Task Force Members

  • Rachael Agre
    Cami Barber
    Joe Caspers
    Patty Cummings
    Kyle Davison
    Missy Eidsness
    Tim Eissinger
    Michelle Enockson
    Erick Esping
    Rebecca Essinger
    Carly Gaddie
    Rupak Gandhi
    Jackie Gapp
    Susan Gerenz
    Shannon Grave
    Bob Grosz
    Ashly Hafdahl
    Stefanie Hanisch
    Stephanie Hanson
    Nate Hendrickson
    Jacqueline Henney
    Kathy Hogan
    Deb Jendro
    James Jonas
    Tabatha Joyce
    Donald Kress
    Chris Larson
    Fran Lee
    Judy Lee
    Mark Lemer
    Kristie Mahar-Ortiz
    Robin Nelson
    Karen Nickle
    Cari Ann/Rian Nostrum
    Todd Pearson
    Kim Pladson
    John Porter
    Hala Qarini
    Karrie Rage
    Jennifer Restemeyer
    Amy Riccio
    Amanda Richter
    Brenda Ruehl
    Pam Sagness
    Jolene Sand
    Margit Schmelka
    Cindy Schreiber-Beck
    Abdiwali Sharif
    Christina Siebels
    Beth Slette
    Sandy Smith
    Melody Staebner
    Barb Stanton
    Patti Stedman
    Samantha Stewart
    Cory Steiner
    Steve Summers
    Gerry Teevens
    Jessica Thomasson
    Marcie Vesey
    George Vinson
    Cassie Weisz

September 27 Meeting

October 16 Meeting

November 8 Meeting

November 20 Meeting