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    What is an Early Childhood Developmental Screening?

    Early Childhood Developmental Screening takes an early look at a child's development and is conducted by qualified professionals to help identify specific needs a child may have in the areas of vision and hearing, height and weight, cognitive, speech/language and social development, fine and gross motor skills, and immunizations and health history. Each screening is free, takes approximately one to one and 1/2 hours, and a parent or legal guardian stays with the child during the screening process.

    At the conclusion of the screening, the parent/legal guardian will be given a summary of the screening results and have the opportunity to discuss concerns they may have about their child’s development or circumstances that could affect their child’s learning.  Information regarding early childhood programs and other resources will be available.  

    What are the goals of Early Childhood Screening?

    • Find out how your child is growing and developing.
    • Connect you and your child with early childhood programs and other community services that may be needed.
    • Answer any parenting questions/concerns you may have.
    • Help the school district identify, at an early stage, any possible health or learning concerns so that children who may benefit from district and community resources can get help even before starting kindergarten. 

    At what age should my child be screened?

    Earlier is better! The ideal age to have your child screened is between 3 and 4. All results are based on your child's exact age on the day of screening. Early Childhood Screening is not a kindergarten readiness assessment and should not be put off until right before kindergarten. Children usually go through screening one to two years before they enter kindergarten. However, if your child is five years old and has not yet been through an early childhood developmental screening, call to schedule an appointment.

    How do I get my child scheduled for an Early Childhood Developmental Screening? 

    Early Childhood Developmental Screenings are conducted on the first Wednesday of each month at the Early Childhood Education Center located at 1305 9th Avenue South Fargo, ND 58103. These screenings are by appointment only. Click the link below and fill out the form to schedule an appointment.

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