Virtual Learning

  • Fargo Public Schools (FPS) is offering virtual learning for students living within the Fargo Public Schools district. FPS is utilizing the North Dakota Center for Distance Education (NDCDE) and Edgenuity to provide instruction to students who request a virtual learning option. The lessons are asynchronous, meaning that students can access them at any time on their device. Weekly scheduled support is provided via video conferencing.

    • Elementary students (k-5) will be enrolled in Math, Science, Social Studies, English, Art, Technology, and Physical Education/Health.
    • Middle school students (6-8) will be enrolled in Math, Science, Social Studies, English, and elective courses.
    • High School students (9-12) will be enrolled in three courses at one time and have nine weeks to complete them. Successfully completing six courses per semester keeps students on track for graduation.

    Virtual Academy registration begins at the student’s home school building. Families must complete one registration form per student. Enrollment is based on deadlines and availability.

    Elementary Registration Form

    Secondary Registration Form

    What VA is/requires…

    What VA isn’t…

    An asynchronous online learning option for residents of FPS. (Proof of residency is required.)

    ND DPI definition of resident is that a student must “lay their head” within FPS district boundaries. 

    An online option for students outside of FPS boundaries.

    Students interested in VA outside of the district interested in VA must petition for open enrollment into the district by the deadline (last working day of February).

    A full-semester commitment

    • Short-term absence solution
    • Long-term absence learning
    • Extended vacation learning option

    A designated at-home advisor

    Sole responsibility for learning does not lie with student

    A learning option for families who have planned the logistics of learning from home and can articulate that plan prior to enrolling.

    A learning option for families who do not have at-home supports in place to ensure success for their student(s).

  • Virtual Academy