• MTSS Students

    Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) is a system-wide process, beginning with quality core instruction within the general education classroom. Academic and behavioral interventions or extensions are provided to students based on data collection and analysis. These interventions or extensions vary in intensity based on student needs and may be provided by a variety of personnel, starting with the general education teachers. The MTSS model supports:

    • Universal/Benchmark Instruction: Universal or benchmark instruction, synonymous with Tier 1, focuses on the implementation of the district's core curriculum and system-wide systems using differentiation as the catalyst for delivery.
    • Strategic Intervention: Supports that augment primary instruction to directly address an area of need; often associated with Tier 2 and implemented in small-group setting but may be individualized.
    • Intensive Intervention: An academic or behavioral intervention characterized by increased time, frequency, and duration of implementation and administration to students significantly below grade level; often associated with Tier 3.
    • Progress Monitoring: A scientifically based practice to assess students' academic performance and evaluate the effectiveness of the instruction that can be used with individual students, a small group, or an entire class. This is also the process used to monitor implementation of specific interventions.
    • Extensions: Supports that extend primary instruction to directly address content, product and process.

    MTSS Illustration