Fargo Public Schools Strategic Plan

  • On June 9, 2015, the Fargo Board of Education approved the Fargo Public Schools Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan is a contract between the Fargo Public School District and its owners – the residents of the Fargo school district. The District began work on its first Strategic Plan in 2000. During the 2014-15 school year, a 54-member Strategic Planning Steering Committee created a new Strategic Plan. The committee met over a series of meetings throughout the winter and spring. The planning was far reaching and multifaceted, engaging our constituents through surveys and forums for feedback.

    The Strategic Plan provides the District with mission and vision statements, a values statement, and seven strategic initiatives.

    The Strategic Plan is proactive and provides a road map to create the kind of educational experiences we want for children. A balanced mix of current practice and new initiatives can be found throughout the plan, which is comprehensive and reaches all corners of the District. Both the academic and operational branches of the District are melded together to create consistency in practice. The plan makes our priorities clear, ensures full transparency, and uses measurable outcomes to hold us accountable for maintaining focus on what benefits our students.



    Achieving excellence by educating and empowering all students to succeed



    Fargo Public Schools is committed to excellence through a student-centered learning environment supported by positive collaborations with students, staff, parents, school, and community.

    A Fargo Public Schools education will provide students with a broad knowledge base by engaging in a standards-based curriculum with co-curricular opportunities. Graduates will possess sound character and the 21st Century skills in communication, critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity necessary to participate in an ever-changing and culturally diverse world.

    Equitable opportunities will ensure a quality educational experience to stimulate and support all students in their intellectual, social, and personal growth.



    The Fargo Public Schools are committed to:
      • Believing that all students can learn and grow
      • Creating a supportive and positive school climate
      • Ensuring that all students receive effective, rigorous, and relevant instruction from highly qualified teachers
      • Engaging leadership in all student, parent, and community partnerships
      • Making data-driven decisions for continuous improvement

Strategic Initiatives

  • The Fargo Public Schools achieves its mission, vision and values through fulfillment of its Strategic Plan.  The plan is proactive and provides a road map to create the kind of educational experiences we want for children.  The plan includes the following seven strategic initiatives and annual operational plans guide our progress on meeting our indicators of success.

  • Teacher and Student

    Student Achievement & Growth

    Fargo Public Schools students will meet or exceed individual learning goals toward the achievement of district standards and benchmarks for academic proficiency in all content areas.  This is accomplished through the use of Professional Learning Communities (PLCs), focusing on creating students who are lifelong learners.  Fargo Public Schools provides a standards-based education, utilizing the North Dakota State Standards and 21st Century skills.  Fargo Public Schools provides ongoing system-wide practices to ensure the highest possible student achievement in both academic and behavioral pursuits. 

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    Co-Curricular Activities

    Fargo Public Schools supports participation by all students in co-curricular activities.  Co-curricular activities are those activities that occur outside of the regular school day and serve to enhance student learning.  Co-curricular activities offered by the Fargo Public Schools are academic activities, athletics, clubs, drama and music.  Students are provided the opportunity to engage in a variety of co-curricular activities designed to enhance their overall educational experience.

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    Continuous Improvement & Accountability

    Fargo Public Schools is committed to making data driven decisions to ensure continuous improvement and accountability.  The school district engages in a comprehensive process of building and district level evaluation and accreditation.  This is accomplished by using the AdvancED School Improvement and Accreditation Model.  Each school and the district as a whole engages in a five-year review cycle, where the five AdvancED standards for quality school programs are evaluated.   

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    Fargo Public Schools enhances student experiences by ensuring that every student has the opportunity to engage in a well-rounded education.  Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) are essential core curriculums.  Breakthrough thinking and creative innovation are the pillars of a STEAM related philosophy.  STEAM emphasizes the 21st Century skills that are critical to our students’ future.

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    Community Outreach & Communication

    Fargo Public Schools establishes partnerships and relationships with non-profit agencies, area businesses, and local college and university teacher preparation programs to support student academic success.  External partnerships with the community provides additional support and enrichment opportunities for students and staff.  

    Fargo Public Schools communicates effectively and engages with internal and external stakeholders to build community trust and support.  The district communicates proactively and with transparency through multiple forms of media to parents and community members. 

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    Positive School Culture & Safety

    School Culture is a group’s shared belief, customs, and behavior.  A positive and nurturing school culture will be the outcome of our schools’ efforts.  Each school maintains a culture plan to support student learning, character development and cultural proficiency.

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    Resources & Planning

    Fargo Public Schools secures and allocates resources needed to adequately fund and carry out its Strategic Plan.  Meeting the needs of all students by providing equitable resources across the district is a priority in all decisions made to educate our students.  The district accomplishes this by ensuring employment of a highly qualified staff, and implementation of a well-developed Long Range Facilities Plan and a proactive Long Range Financial Plan.

Strategic Plan Results

  • The fulfillment of the Strategic Plan is measured in our results.  A results dashboard has been created to measure our success.  To view the results by each strategic initiative, click here.

    To view the entire Strategic Plan document, click here.

    Each year, administration creates an Operational Plan to fullfill the goals and initiatives within the Strategic Plan.  To view the 2022-23 Operational Plan, click here.