Fargo Public Schools Strategic Plan

  • The Fargo Public Schools (FPS) established its Strategic Plan in 2015 through a strategic planning process involving the community. In 2022, the Fargo Board of Education approved a refreshed Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan was comprehensively refreshed in 2022 to reflect completed tasks and new direction based on the evolving needs and priorities of the Fargo Public Schools community. The plan continues to remain a “living document” that is reviewed annually and updated as needed to better meet the needs of all FPS students.

    The Strategic Plan is proactive and provides a road map for the educational experiences our community desires for students in Fargo Public Schools. The plan is comprehensive and inclusive of all areas impacting district operations. Both the academic and operational branches of the district are melded together to create consistency in practice that caters to the whole child focused on multiple standards of success for students in Fargo Public Schools.

    The plan makes our priorities clear, ensures full transparency, and provides formative information that can be used to hold us accountable for maintaining focus on the results that will benefit our students.

    To view the entire Strategic Plan document, click here.

Mission, Vision and Values

    Educating and empowering all students to succeed

    Fargo Public Schools is committed to excellence through a student-centered learning environment supported by positive collaborations with students, staff, parents, school, and community.

    A Fargo Public Schools education will provide students with a broad knowledge base by engaging in a standards-based curriculum with co-curricular opportunities. Graduates will possess sound character and skills in communication, critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity necessary to participate in an ever-changing and culturally diverse world.

    Equitable opportunities will ensure a quality educational experience to stimulate and support all students in their intellectual, social, and personal growth.

    The Fargo Public Schools are committed to:
      • Believing that all students can learn and grow
      • Creating a supportive and positive school climate
      • Ensuring that all students receive effective, rigorous, and relevant instruction from highly qualified teachers
      • Engaging leadership in all student, parent, and community partnerships
      • Making data-driven decisions for continuous improvement

Strategic Initiatives

  • The Strategic Plan is grouped by six strategic initiatives directly aligned to the results monitored by the Board of Education based on their policies:

    1. Tiered Instruction
    2. Positive School Culture and Safety
    3. Co-Curricular Activities
    4. Community Outreach and Communication
    5. Equitable Resources and Planning
    6. Continuous Improvement and Accountability