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    The Theatre is an excellent way to develop self-confidence, both on and off the stage. Theatre students develop life skills, such as collaboration, concentration and communication. Imaginations are invigorated by creating improvisations, short scenes, and video movies. 

    Public performances, reader's theater, costume design, stage make-up, sound, stage lighting, stage combat, and script writing and directing are all opportunities offered through:

    Theatre Arts class (Grade 9 elective)

    Performing Arts I (Grade 10-11 elective)

    Performing Arts II (Grades 11-12 elective)


    • Cabaret Night
    • Musical
    • One-Act Play
    • Play
    • Dinner Theater
    • SOAP: Student written and directed One-Act Plays
    • Improvable Force Improv Troop


  • Hello, Theatre Parents.

                I hope you are all beginning to recover from DRACULA. It was very well received, and I was so proud of all the students. There was so much talent displayed in our production.  I like to send out updates throughout the year to keep everyone informed. In this message I have provided some useful information for all parents and students involved in Davies Theatre.  

    Due to some changes within the district we have had some minor date adjustments. We have also finalized dates for some of our extra events throughout the year. Additions and changes have been notated in red.


    Davies Theatre 2019/20Events and Production Dates:

    November 18-22        One-Act/Festival/SOAP Auditions

    January 23, 24            SOAPs 7:30 pm

    February 3-6              One-Act/Festival Tech

    February 14                One-Act/Festival Public Performance 7:30 pm

    February 10, 11          Fargo Public Schools Theatre Festival - Host by Davies High School

    February 19-21          Musical Auditions

    March 13                     Dinner Theatre Event at Olivet Church

    April 18,19                  Musical Load In

    April 27-May5             Musical Tech

    May 7-10                     Musical Performances  7:30 pm and 2:00 pm

    May 16                        The STAARIS Award Show   7:30 pm

    May 22                        Senior Improv Show


    Improv Dates

    Dec 6 – Improv Show

    Jan 9 – Improv Show

    Feb 21 – Improv Show

    March 14 – Improv Show

    April 3 – Improv Show


    Upcoming Shows For The Winter–         


    (A Serio-Comic One-Act Play)


    SOAPs (Student One-Act Play, original shows written and directed by PA2 students)

    In Dreams- Directed by Jack Libner

    After a robbery nearly kills him, Finn Hadaway is trying to move on with the help of his wife, Grace. But the nightmare is still haunting him.


    Not so Happy Holidays- Directed by Clare Ebsen

    When four different holidays gather at their annual holiday meeting, they find themselves at odds. The holidays are having to decide on one holiday to continue because of budget cuts. Come join the Holidays as they go through the pros and cons of each other. 


    Greek Lyfe- Directed by Evan Kringlie

    Kenneth takes a leap of faith and joins a frat, he soon finds out that his frat is…. well…..a frat. With conflicting identities and beliefs will Kenneth be able to survive his first year in a frat or will he disappoint his parents and drop out? 


    The Nuclear Family- Directed by Ashlyn Swanson

    The Kumbuka-Lang's move in next door to the Smith's a seemingly perfect family with a dark and twisted secret. Come audition for this dark comedy, to find out their dark and twisty secret.


    The Clue Crew- Directed by Avery Hoffman

    The Clue Crew is a gang of mystery solving teenagers taking the world by storm. A disagreement causes the group to split. The group is reunited when one of the members discovers a ghost investigation in their childhood home. Will the gang be able to find their way back to each other and solve the mystery, or are they too far gone?


    Cooper, Danger & Murder- Directed by Laszlo Leeaphon

    The Camden Inn, a strange hotel run by an eccentric man occupied by even more eccentric patrons, is thrown into chaos when the owner is murdered. On the case are two police detectives who couldn’t be more different: A career-driven cop named Anne Cooper, and an inexperienced, over-the-top, rapping cop named Chris Parker. 


    Switched Up!- Directed by Dylan Lian

    When a group of four completely different students are sent to detention, a mysterious note is found inside of a book that will switch up their lives, until they learn to look past their differences. 


    Live from Spillerton- Directed by Kathryn Thompson 

    A news station in a small rural town in Illinois takes on the premise of a late night sketch show in an epic battle of the generations. The Baby Boomers battle the Millennials when old won't make way for new. A fun satirical soap where stereotypes take on the heightened reality of a comedy show.


     Our Website

    We would like to remind everyone that our Davies Theatre website is up and running. We have been trying to keep it updated with all schedules, casting information, and documents. Please visit the site and check it out. It has a lot of useful information.


    Other Information:

    • Game Show details will be coming out soon.
    • Student Leadership is planning some social events for the department in the coming months.

    Lastly, thank you so much for all your efforts to support your children and this program. We enjoy working with such talented kids. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. We look forward to working with you and your children throughout the rest of the year.

    Lastly, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. I look forward to working with you and your children this year.

    Thank you for supporting Davies Theatre!

    Rebecca Saari                                   


    Davies Theatre

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