Davies High School Booster Club

  • Welcome to the Davies Boosters home online! 

    Our next board meeting is Wednesday, August 11th @ 6:30 pm. 
    Davies H101


    2021-2022 Board Members:

    Stephanie Andersen, Jessica Benson, Misty Dietz, Don Drummond, Katie Hasbargen, Katie Hvelka, Paul Johnson, Mary Klabo, Jon Lucht, Chad Maloy, David Mann, Steve Martodam, Angela Muse, Tom Nelson, Annette Nessius, Brad Schneiderr, Michelle Swanson, Chuck Ulrich, Kayla Werk

    Join our Volunteer Team!

    We host numerous activities throughout the year, so we're always looking for volunteers. If you'd like to be on our no-obligation call-list for various events, this is the place to sign up! We'll call when something comes up, and then you let us know if it works for you. Help out for one activity, or many — you decide! Sign up here: https://forms.gle/1piS9GPt4dZzhNqq5

    Education is more than academics.

    A well-rounded education includes student participation in a variety of activities. We exist solely to support student participation in the arts, athletics, and any other club or organization that our students find enriching. Join us to support Fargo Davies students as they pursue their passions!

    Davies Booster Club purpose:

    • Promote the activities of Davies High School (DHS)
    • Promote a spirit of friendship and sportsmanship in DHS activities
    • Encourage parent and community participation in DHS activities
    • Assist in creating a positive school spirit and culture
    • Assist in funding DHS activities
    • Have equitable representation of all activities and geographical areas of DHS


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Executive Board

  • President: Chad Maloy - Email

    Vice President: Scott Peters - Email

    Secretary: Misty Dietz -Email

    Treasurer: Michelle Swanson - Email

At-Large Members by Committee

    Don Drummond, Chad Maloy, Steve Martodam, Tom Nelson, Scott Peters, Brad Schneider, Chuck Ulrich


    Todd Graf, Jodi Hanson, Phil Johnson, David Mann, Michelle Swanson, Robin Wacha


    Misty Dietz, Katie Hasbargen, Jon Lucht


    Shannon Olson