Working at FPS

  • Working At FPS

    It’s exciting, it’s challenging, it’s rewarding.  You can make a difference.

    Fargo Public Schools offers a variety of positions to meet the diverse needs of our students, schools and communities. We are more than amazing teachers, we are a large network of individuals committed to making a difference in the lives of our students. Find below a description of some of the positions that are available at FPS.

Student Performance Strategists

  • Student performance strategists provide support, feedback and training opportunities for classroom teachers. Strategists assist building administrators with professional development, data coaching and interventions. 

Library Media Specialists

  • Our library specialists provide leadership to ensure that students and staff are effective users of ideas and information. They are reading advocates, teachers in the area of information management and resources and developers of the school libraries. 


  • School counselors provide support to our students through personal and group counseling to promote greater self-understanding and acceptance of responsibility while supporting the students and their families. They may assist in interpreting post-high school opportunities for students as requested. 


  • At FPS, we employ a variety of paraprofessionals in our buildings. Our classroom and special education paraprofessionals work side by side with students and teachers. This work may include tutoring students individually or in small groups at the elementary or secondary level. It may include assembling materials, administering tests, keeping attendance logs and assisting with classroom management under the guidance of the classroom teacher. Our library and office paraprofessionals work with students, as well as other FPS staff, to organize and order materials, file, make copies, answer phones, and assist in keeping these areas running smoothly.

School Pyschologists

  • School psychologists evaluate students using a variety of testing instruments. They participate in assessing and planning behavior intervention plans and serve as a resource for school personnel. 

Speech Language Pathologists

  • At FPS, our speech/language pathologists are communication specialists that work with students who are identified as having language disabilities, articulation deficits, dysfunctional speech and voice disorders. In this position, the pathologist would assist school staff by observing, referring to and assessing potential impairments. 

Social Workers

  • Social workers provide a problem-solving service for students and their families. They serve on diagnostic teams and educational planning and placement committees to provide biological, psychological and sociological assessment information.

Physical Therapists

  • FPS employs physical therapists to evaluate students to determine their functional level and identify special needs in the educational environment. The PTs work with other FPS staff members to enable the student to work toward their potential by improving, developing or restoring sensorimotor function.

Noon Supervisors

  • Looking for a part-time job? Our noon supervisor positions provide supervision, support and assistance to students during lunch time and recess. Shifts may range from 2 to 3 hours per day.


  • Interpreters work with our deaf and hard of hearing students to provide them with full access to classroom content. Our interpreters facilitate and support a student’s participation with both their academic and social communication needs. 


  • At FPS, occupational therapists (OT)  and certified occupational therapy assistant (COTA) positions help to evaluate students to determine their functional levels and identify special needs. They work to plan and implement therapeutic activities to assist special education students with their educational experience. 

Nutrition Services

  • FPS nutrition services staff assist in the preparation and service of quality food to our students. The nutrition services staff is made up of bakers, cooks, dishwashers, cashiers and delivery drivers. 


  • FPS employs a variety of trade professionals, such as electricians, painters, mechanics, plumbers and HVAC technicians. These staff members keep the buildings operating safely.


  • FPS custodial staff work in our schools to clean and provide routine maintenance to the buildings and grounds. We take pride in our facilities and it shows!   

  • Questions?  If you have questions about any of these positions within Fargo Public Schools, please contact the Human Capital Department