Activities & Programs

  • Students on a field trip

    Educational activities, programs, presentations, and field trips are important components to our district’s curriculum. These activities are a supplement and enrich the classroom learning experiences, encourage new interests among students, make them more aware of community resources, and help them relate their school experiences to real-life.  These activities and programs are an introduction, extension, or a culminating event of units being taught in the classroom.

    The activities, presentations, and programs provide the most effective means of accomplishing certain learning outcomes related to given aspects of the instructional program.  The activities are considered as a method of instruction and planned as such with the state educational standards in mind.

    Educational activities and programs fall into two major categories: district level, mandated field trips, presentations, or programs and building level field trips, presentations, or programs. District level field trips, presentations, and programs are determined and arranged by the District, and may have been approved and/or reviewed by the Field Trip Task Force and Teaching & Learning Department. Building level field trips, presentations, and programs are arranged on-site and are building specific. These activities fall into two major groups:  on-site and off-site. On-site could include such events as school assemblies and guest speakers. Off-site could be a trip to a local business or museum.  Requests can be made by individuals (teachers, principals, community members, PTA, etc.) or grade levels and are approved by the administration after going through the application process.



  • Karen Moore
    District Assessment Data Manager