• ELL Program

    The purpose of the English Learner (EL) Program is to identify and to provide specialized EL instruction for students who qualify.  EL specialized instruction is delivered by highly qualified EL teachers and it is targeted to build students’ English proficiency (Listening + Speaking + Reading + Writing), academic content knowledge, acculturation skills and choice (college-career-life) readiness.  The Fargo EL Team has 40 members that serve students in all of Fargo Public Schools’ 23 school sites.

    The EL Program served 921 students during the 2017-18 school year. Students are screened through the District's Home Language Survey and then are evaluated through a WIDA consortium MODEL (Measure of Developing English Language) screener test to see if they meet the criterion to receive EL support services.  Daily minutes of EL services varies depending upon the student need. 

    Annually, all EL students take a standardized WIDA ACCESS test to determine English Language proficiency.  Students are exited from the EL program when they score a 5.0 on the ACCESS test.  Exited students continue to be progress monitored for two years to ensure they are being successful in the mainstream classes.  The current breakdown of EL student categories is 44% Refugee, 11% Immigrant, and 45% Born in the US.

    The Fargo Public Schools provides a continuum of English language services beginning from infancy in Even Start and continuing throughout adulthood. The Adult Learning Center offers both day and evening classes that include driver’s literacy, citizenship, language, technology and cultural and social events.  The Adult Learning Center EL staff collaborate with the K-12 EL staff to promote family literacy and to help develop and support strong EL families. Click here for more information on this adult education program.

    Student Ethnicity/Nationality - District Wide

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     Languages Spoken by Students Other Than English

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