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Latest News

Co-Curricular meeting

The parent-student co-curricular meeting is required of all students participating in all co-curricular activities. All students are required to attend an in-person meeting when they are new to a building, typically once in middle school and once in high school.

School Supply & Backpack Pick up

The United Way of Cass Clay invites those in need of a backpack and school supplies to visit one of the backpack pick up events. Families will need to fill out a registration form and provide a form of ID for each child receiving supplies.

The Dignity Index

Dr. Timothy Shiver’s presentation on “The Dignity Index" at the National School Board Association's annual conference, left a lasting impression. Read more from Melissa Burkland on the conference and this presentation.

Policy Review

Each year, FPS administration conducts an Administrative Policy review. Administrative Policies are reviewed on a set rotation, ensuring all policies are reviewed once in a four-year cycle. Through this review process, some policies do not require any changes while other policies receive minor updates or more substantial updates. For the 2024 review cycle, administration has been reviewing this year’s set of policies during the school year.

Selection of Instructional Materials

FPS is committed to providing students with high-quality instructional materials that support its strategic plan, align with curriculum standards, and promote inclusivity and diversity. 

Title IX image

The U.S Dept. of Education released revisions Title IX the Education Amendments of 1972Title IX protects people from discrimination based on sex in educational programs and activities that receive federal financial assistance. 

PowerSchool logo

As FPS continues towards fully implementing Evidence-Based Reporting by 2025-26, a PowerSchool update streamlines the parent/student view by combining EBR and traditional grading systems.

Cabinet Column

FPS is dedicated to implementing equitable processes to ensure all students are supported so each student can demonstrate proficiency in identified Essential Learning Outcomes. parent coaching logo

In an effort to proactively support students' overall well-being, FPS is partnering with to deliver monthly webinars focused on child mental health developed by licensed therapists.

Arts Can Do

The community has the power to help support visual and fine arts in FPS simply by recycling aluminum cans with the Arts CAN Do program. Funds raised directly benefit arts our arts programs.

Dr. Rupak Gandhi
AI's role in education is multifaceted, promising to revolutionize how individuals approach learning. Read Superintendent Dr. Rupak Gandhi's perspective on the developments in AI in this Cabinet Column.
Seth Holden
The Fargo Board of Education and the Fargo Education Association came to an agreement on a two-year contract. Read about the process in this Board Column by Negotiations Committee Chair Seth Holden.
Summer School Logo
Traditional elementary summer school and Extended School Year dates were combined for K-5 in 2023. Students whose IEP teams had determined that they required ESY services attended at their home buildings.
DAC image
Fargo Public Schools has been selected to participate in a groundbreaking program offered through The Jed Foundation (JED) and The School Superintendents Association (AASA). The District Comprehensive Approach (DCA) is a transformational program that guides districts across the country to enhance systems of support for the emotional well-being of students. Based on JED’s proven approach, the DCA is an evidence-based framework that combines expert support, best practices, and data-driven guidance to protect mental health and prevent suicide for millions of students.
FPS Logo
FPS has introduced new FPS Philosophies, a set of principles that will guide its actions, decisions, and daily operations. Read more about the FPS Philosophies in this Cabinet Column by Dr. Gandhi.
James Hand
FPS conducted a Facilities Study, which is substantially complete and preliminary reports were presented to the School Board in September. The data collected through this process will be used to prioritize annual maintenance projects as well as inform the community as FPS works through the Long-Range Facility Planning process. Read more about the Long-Range Facilities Plan and the key takeaways from the Facilities Study in this Feature Column by FPS Director of Facilities James Hand.
Teacher working with EL student
FPS continues to emphasize the role the English Learner Program, with about 850 students, has in educating and empowering all students to succeed, regardless of their background or needs. This commitment reflects the program's core values of inclusivity and equity, ensuring that each student, including English learners, can thrive in FPS. Read about the English Learner Program and get an introduction to FPS' new EL Facilitator Jenna Polley in this Feature Column by FPS Director of Standards-Based Instruction Dr. Liann Hanson.
Support staff working with students
Fargo Public Schools is now hiring full-and part-time support staff positions including paraeducators, custodians, and food service workers. Learn more about these great opportunities to impact our community's youth and apply for a position today!
AnnMarie Campbell
FPS has around 150 Administrative Policies in the categories of Business, Community, Instruction, Personnel, and Student Policies. The policies are reviewed on a set rotation, ensuring all policies are reviewed once in a four-year cycle. With the set rotation, administration reviews approximately a quarter of the administrative policies annually. Read more about which policies have been reviewed and updated in 2023 in this Cabinet Column by FPS Communications Officer AnnMarie Campbell.
Dr. Tracie Newman
The Fargo Board of Education Communications, Engagement and Advocacy (CEA) Committee is comprised of five Board members and members of the Superintendent’s cabinet who work to enhance the transparency of how the Board makes decisions. This committee also focuses on communication with constituents and community stakeholders through engagement and advocacy efforts. Read more about the efforts of the CEA Committee in this Board Column by CEA Chair Dr. Tracie Newman.
Ad-Ventures Publication Image
AD-Ventures is a district publication intended to help families find activities for their children throughout our community. It is published on the first of each month during the school year (September through May).
Dr. Jennifer Sahr
Finding a connection with loved ones can be the difference in getting them the help they need. Read about strategies for starting conversations with someone who may be suicidal from assistant director of educational justice Dr. Jennifer Sahr.
Suicide Prevention Ribbon
September is National Suicide Prevention Month: a moment in time in which Fargo Public Schools and the community can rally the public to create awareness of this leading cause of death and inspire more and more people to learn how they can play a role in their communities in helping to save lives. Read more about strategies for reducing suicide rates in this Feature Column by FPS Assistant Director of Educational Justice Dr. Jennifer Sahr.
Calendar with FPS logo
The FPS 2024-25 Calendar Committee will reconvene to update the 2024-25 school calendar. This decision is a direct response to the the recent action taken by the Fargo Board of Education to require Fargo Public Schools to be closed on all federal holidays beginning June 1, 2024. Read more about the necessary adjustments to the 2024-25 school calendar in this Cabinet Column by FPS Associate Superintendent Dr. Robert Grosz.
Fruit and Vegetables
Households may qualify for free or reduced-cost meals. FPS encourages all families to complete the Student Frees Assistance and Benefits application available online. Qualifying includes free waivers for some student activities, submitting collect applications, and taking national standardized tests in addition to meal payment benefits. Learn more about Student Fees Assistance and Benefits application and the FPS School Breakfast and Lunch Program in this Feature Column by FPS Nutrition Services Director Cindy Hogenson.
Melody Staebner
The Fargo/West Fargo Indian Education Program is now known as the Native American Education Program. The name change process spanned more than two years from May 2021 to its approval this June. Read about the renaming process in this Feature Column by Native American Education Program Coordinator Melody Staebner.
El families at Family Night
English Learner Family Nights are a bi-weekly parent and family engagements supported by FPS and ND Dept. of Health and Human Services. The purpose is to help build language through hands-on activities, guest speakers, and lessons, as well as to assist families in navigating opportunities and obstacles within their new community.
Fargo Public Schools has released the District’s 2024-25 school calendar. The calendar was developed by the District’s Calendar Committee, which was comprised of seventeen members including teachers, parents, principals, students, district office representatives, a Fargo Education Association teacher representative, a support staff member, and a School Board member. The calendar was presented to the Fargo Board of Education and approved at the March 28, 2023 School Board meeting.
FPS Logo
The Board Planning Committee works with FPS administration to determine short-term and long-term facility needs and make appropriate recommendations to the Board for their consideration. As a growing district, we need to carefully plan for bringing new facilities online as the need arises and renovate/update those in our current inventory as they age. Read more about the plan for new buildings in the District in this Board Column by Fargo Board of Education member Jim Johnson.
Umoja logo
Umoja means "unity". Read about what Umoja means for more than 200 Fargo Public Schools youth in this Feature Story by FPS Director of Equity and Inclusion Dr. Tamara Uselman and Umoja Developers Frederick Edwards and J'Neil Gibson.
Arts Can Do logo
You can help support Visual and Fine Arts in the Fargo Public Schools simply by recycling your aluminum cans. While helping the earth by recycling, you can help the brain and social emotional learning skills of our FPS students by supporting the arts. Arts CAN Do recycling receptacles are located at many recycling centers around town. Read the article to see where to donate.
There are 94 languages spoken in our schools, and the District is dedicated to supporting students in their home languages. To reflect the broad diversity of the world, specific cultures of the families we serve, and to support the home languages of families, the Elementary Language Library Project was created. The Elementary Language Libraries provide books to students to read in one of five languages.
Music In Our Schools Month
March is Music in Our Schools Month! FPS has an incredibly strong music program. So strong that it has been named one of NAMM’s “Best Communities for Music Education” for 19 years. Read more about the music opportunities provided to FPS students and some of their honors and accomplishments in this Feature Column by FPS Performing Arts Facilitator Patrick Thiel.
CTE Logo
February is national Career and Technical Education Month. It is an annual campaign held across the United States to celebrate the accomplishments of Career and Technical Education programs, instructors, and students.
Join our Team with FPS logo
Join the Fargo Public Schools team and be the leader they need! Fargo Public Schools is now hiring paraeducators, food service staff, custodial staff, and more! Apply today!
FPS Logo
The FPS Board of Education Governance Committee helps guide and support the School Board by ensuring it adheres to healthy and productive governance practices. Read more about this Committee in this Board Column by Board President Dr. Tracie Newman.
FPS Logo
Career opportunities in education and human services are limitless and can start in high school. Whether a student is interested in following a path as a teacher, paraeducator, social worker, counselor, childcare provider, or coach, Fargo Public Schools is proud to provide opportunities to inspire students.
Inclement Weather FAQ
Fargo Public Schools has received many questions regarding how we will respond to inclement weather situations moving forward this school year. Read the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions in this Inclement Weather FAQ.
Attend To Win Image
Stay Strong! Avoiding school absences through the winter months is crucial for academic success. Missing school and falling behind on assignments can create school-related anxiety that only gets worse as time goes on. Connect with a teacher or counselor if you are feeling behind or overwhelmed.
Image of Cell Phone
Cell phone carriers are focusing on mass calling systems and marking more messages from these systems as potential Spam. This could capture FPS announcements and mark them as ‘Potential Spam,’ causing you to miss an important message like a weather-related school closing. Learn how to prevent this.
FPS Logo
During their September and October meetings, the Fargo Board of Education will review and approve governing documents that provide an outline for the future of our District. The documents include, but are not limited to, the Strategic Plan, the Long Range Facilities Plan, and the Long Range Financial Plan.
Attend to Win!
At FPS, our problem to solve is this: nearly 46% of our students missed too much school last year. Student absence harms everyone, particularly students. Read more about the importance of student attendance in this Feature Column by FPS Director of Equity and Inclusion Dr. Tamara Uselman and attendance specialists Gabe Whitney and Nick Hawkins.
Need Affordable Health Insurance?
More people than ever qualify for help paying for health coverage, even those who weren't eligible in the past. Family Health Care can help with medicaid or health insurance coverage options.
Image of an Envelope
FPS has received reports from some families using Hotmail and GMail accounts that they may not be receiving school and district notification emails, although not every account is having an issue. The problem appears related to how Hotmail and GMail manage incoming email.
Calendar page
Fargo Public Schools has released the District’s 2023-24 school calendar, which is now available on the FPS website. Read more about the process of creating and approving the calendar in this Cabinet Column by FPS Associate Superintendent Dr. Robert Grosz.
FPS Logo with t he words #FPSLearns
#FPSLearns is a regular video series on topics regarding Fargo Public Schools. Through short videos, FPS Superintendent Dr. Rupak Gandhi and other administrators share with the community about the science of reading.
Microphone with words Hear for the Kids
Carl Ben Eielson Counselor Rachel Johnson joins hosts Cassie Larson, counselor at Eagles Elementary, and FPS Student Wellness and Family Facilitator Carly Gaddie on the new Hear for the Kids podcast. On the podcast, Johnson gives an overview of trauma and explains why it is important to look through a trauma lens.