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School Counseling Vision & Mission Statement

  • Vision Statement

    Through participation in the proactive Fargo South School Counseling Program, all students are authentic and successfully engaged in an ever changing global community using their unique talents.  They are creative, respectful, empathic, resilient communicators and fearless individuals who willingly take risks, embrace diversity and strive for happiness in their personal, work, and ongoing educational experiences.

    Mission Statement

     The Fargo South High School Counseling Program meets all students where they are and anticipates needs to help them cultivate their unique talents to pursue excellence.  

    Phone: 701-446-2015         Fax: 701-446-2200         School CEEB Code: 350-565

  • As is always the case, if you need immediate assistance, please consider contacting the following resources:

    • Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-TALK(8255) or 1-701-235-SEEK(7335) or 988
    • Red River Regional Dispatch: 701-451-7660
    • If you have an emergency, please call 911

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Inclement Weather and Your Counselor:

  • If weather conditions force the school day to be virtual (or distance learning), counselors will be available to you in the following ways:

    • by email (see your email addresses below);
    • by office phone number (also see below; we cannot answer our office phones from home but if you leave a message, it will be sent to us via email);
    • and by Microsoft Teams conferencing once we know you want to speak with us (leave a voice message or email).