2023 Bataan Death March Memorial Hike

  • On Saturday, 29 April 2023, 45 cadets, 1 parent, 1 alumni, 4 US Army Guard Recruiters, and 2 instructors participated in ND-20061's 7th Annual Bataan Death March Memorial Hike.  The group started the hike from Davies High School at 10:00 am with the first leg being about a 7 mile hike to South High School.  The group arrived at South High School at around 12:15pm and stopped for a short rest and lunch of hotdogs provided by the Parents Group.  At around 12:55, the group began their return trip to Davies.  At around 3:30pm, the group arrived at Davies High School.  Although a little tired and sore, the cadets were proud of their accomplishment.  Over 4 hours of continuous walking, the cadets had cover 14.0 miles.  Great job cadets!  Thanks Parent Group for the lunch of hotdogs.