Teacher and Paraeducator Substitutes

  • FPS highly values our substitute employees and the very important role they play in the daily operation of our schools. Substituting is ideal for those who need or want a flexible schedule. Positions can be selected based on your schedule or your preferred school. For more information on each position, select one of the following links: Substitute Teacher or Substitute Paraeducator.

    Did you know? 
    You can apply for a North Dakota Interim Substitute license with a minimum of 48 semester hours of college course work. For more information on how to apply for a ND Interim Substitute license, visit North Dakota Educational Standards and Practices Board. 


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  • Kellie Kringlie

    “I’ve really enjoyed working for Fargo Public Schools the past two years.  The daily grade level change, different school settings, and meeting new students every day keeps me coming back for these exciting challenges.”

     - Kellie Kringlie, Substitute Teacher

  • Erik Meyer

    "I've enjoyed serving in a multitude of classroom environments across the district and appreciate the many different challenges experienced by students and schools on any given day. I see public education functioning as a great equalizer working to accommodate diverse needs. Each morning, I am greeted by kind, prepared, inclusive staff who display keen devotion to the tasks at hand."

     - Erik Meyer, Substitute Teacher

  • Kari Douglas

    "As a substitute employee for Fargo Public Schools, I have the great opportunity to work in a professional and caring environment with a variety of schools, grade levels and programs. It is my privilege to give back to the school system that I grew up in, as well as the community I live in. I also have the great privilege of positively impacting staff and students!"

     - Kari Douglas, Substitute Paraeducator