High School

  • The short term goals of our one-to-one technology initiative are:

    1. Teachers publish all course content and resources electronically so students have access at school and home.
    2. Students submit assignments electronically.
    3. In each course, teachers identify one or more of the 21st Century Skills (4Cs) to teach and assess.
    4. Teachers model and partner with library staff to teach digital citizenship to create a culture for how technology is used responsibly in school and outside of school.

    The long term goal is to ensure all students participate in a wide variety of learning experiences where they receive specific and actionable feedback about their application of the 4Cs - Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Creative Thinking. Course-alike groups of teachers are identifying one or more of these skills to intentionally teach and assess. Over time, across all grade levels and disciplines, students will have multiple opportunities to self reflect about when they are exhibiting these essential life skills.

    All high school students are assigned a laptop for use in class and at home at the beginning of the school year. Teachers use the Canvas online learning management system to publish course information and students use Canvas when completing coursework. Parents/guardians can sign up for Canvas accounts to monitor their child's progress throughout the school year.

    Useful Links for High School Implementation