Why FPS?

  • Fargo Public Schools is the second largest school district in North Dakota, serving more than 11,200 students and their families in grades kindergarten through twelve. The district operates three comprehensive high schools, three middle schools, and sixteen elementary schools. FPS also operates an alternative high school and a pre-kindergarten center for children with special needs.

    Our staff members are dedicated to the FPS mission of educating and empowering all students to succeed.  We pride ourselves on employing highly qualified staff members who are focused on our mission and the students entrusted to our care.  

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  • Leah Juelke

    “The FPS district is at the forefront of innovative teaching. Teachers are encouraged to think outside the box and implement creative projects and lessons that best help their students learn.  In addition, it is wonderful to be able to work with teachers who are highly qualified and genuinely care about each student’s wellbeing. I am proud to be teaching in a district that values building healthy relationships.”

    Leah Juelke, South High School English Learner Teacher, FPS 2017 Teacher of the Year and 2018 ND Teacher of the Year

  • Kim Englund

    “I leave work every day knowing I have made a positive impact on someone, whether it is a certified staff member, support staff member, or a student.  It is rewarding.”

    Kim Englund, Bennett Elementary School Student Performance Strategist

  • Jennifer Frueh

    “I feel blessed every day to be in a district filled with dedicated professionals that work tirelessly to help students of all ages find success.”

    Jennifer Frueh, Adult Learning Center Director and FPS 2019 Administrator of the Year

  • Nikki Nelson

    “Fargo Public Schools staff, support staff, and administrators are high caliber.  Being a part of such a high quality team makes me strive to continue to learn and grow.”

    Nikki Nelson, Lincoln Elementary School Student Performance Strategist

  • Jeremy Wolf

    “I am proud of the dedication it takes for all of us as FPS staff to continue moving forward and to come together as one big family to make a difference in the life of each child we serve.”

    Jeremy Wolf, Plant and Electrical Supervisor

  • Dr. Rupak Gandhi

    “At Fargo Public Schools, we are a family. Our staff members support one another and know that together, we are stronger. The staff, students, and patrons of Fargo Public Schools make me proud to lead our organization every day. I am fortunate to work with dedicated professionals who are committed to student success and who exemplify our mission of educating and empowering all students to succeed.”

    - Dr. Rupak Gandhi, Superintendent of the Fargo Public Schools

  • Patti Richards

    “I’ve had the pleasure of working with staff members in many types of positions in the District and found we all have one thing in common: we truly care about the students and their success.”

    Patti Richards, Accountant

  • Bobby Olson

    “Every day I see Fargo Public Schools staff working hard and being committed to going above and beyond.  It is rewarding to be part of a team that is continually looking for ways to improve the educational experience for our students.”

    Bobby Olson, Madison Elementary School Principal 

  • Melissa Tedford

    “I am most proud of the faculty and staff who are committed to helping our students excel and learn. I enjoy getting up every day coming to work knowing that I am making difference in our student’s lives. We are a school district that cares about our students and it shows. I can’t imagine working anywhere else!”

    Melissa (Missy) Tedford, Administrative Assistant at Horace Mann Elementary and FPS 2016 Support Staff of the Year Recipient

  • Shannon Nowak

    “For the last eight years I have witnessed the teamwork and dedication that Fargo Public Schools employees have given to support and enrich the lives of each student and our co-workers by creating an environment that allows everyone — students and staff — to succeed.”

    Shannon Nowak, Nutrition Services Kitchen Manager

  • Connie Deustch

    “I love that Fargo Public Schools does an excellent job educating future generations of Fargo residents and that I am part of the process. We produce exceptional students who graduate from our schools prepared, confident, and who can go out and do remarkable things. It is wonderful to work here and see what happens next!”

    Connie Deutsch, Instructional Materials Assistant

  • Vince Williams

    "I am most proud of the staff members who go above the call of duty to ensure our students receive a quality education. I love working beside people who have made it their life’s work to make a difference for all students. Making a difference is what this district is all about! I’m truly blessed to be a part of it.”

    Vincent Williams, Discovery Middle School Principal

  • Jason Holland

    "I am most proud that our school district and community supports the many co-curricular activities that are offered through FPS. The co-curricular clubs that reinforce classroom learning is what helps kids really make connections to the ever important 21st century skills!"

    Jason Holland, Davies High School CTE Marketing Teacher

  • Jennifer Kujanson

    “Working in the Fargo Public School District allows me to teach in a system that is constantly striving to be current in best practices in education. This gives me confidence in knowing I am using the most up to date instructional strategies and that all students are getting the best possible educational experience.”

    Jennifer Kujanson, Ed Clapp Elementary School 2nd Grade Teacher and FPS 2016 Teacher of the Year Recipient

  • Erin Odegaard

    “Every student’s success matters, and I’m proud to work in a district that believes that all children can succeed.”

    Erin Hansen, Eagles Elementary School Gifted Services Teacher