School Board Election 2020

  • An election for four seats on the Board of Education of the City of Fargo will be held June 9, 2020.  The Board positions are currently held by Brandi Aune, Jim Johnson, John Rodenbiker, and Kristi Ulrich.  Terms are for four years. 

    Candidates in the election are as follows (in ballot order):

    Seth Holden
    Mary Schultz
    Kristi Ulrich
    Jim Johnson
    Stacey Piechowski
    Victoria Johnson
    John Rodenbiker
    Brandi Aune
    Tracie Newman
    Eric Evenson
    Nikkie Gullickson
    Robin Kee
    Jenaah McLeod-Hanson

    Voters can vote for up to four candidates.  The four candidates receiving the most votes will be seated on the Board at the July 14, 2020 regular Board meeting.

    If you have questions regarding the Board of Education or the election, please contact Board Secretary AnnMarie Campbell at 701-446-1005 or Board President Robin Nelson at 701-238-1188.

About the Board of Education

  • Fargo Public Schools has had a Board of Education since the founding of its first public school in 1874.  Since the beginning, its top priority has been student achievement.  The Board, supporting the work of staff, the welfare of students and the interest of the community, holds itself accountable to the citizens of the district by ensuring that all action it takes is consistent with the Board’s policies and beliefs.

    The Board has only one employee that it supervises – the superintendent of schools.  Its decisions as a group are binding on that one individual.  The Board’s primary role is governance, with student achievement as the central focus.  The Board operates under a policy governance model and Board meetings are conducted under Robert’s Rules of Order.  Board members adhere to Governance Process, Board-Superintendent Relationship and Executive Limitations policies to do Board work and collaborate with administration.  To view all Board policies, click here

    The Fargo Board of Education is committed to be transparent to its stakeholders. All regular meetings are televised on local cable access and available via the Board’s YouTube Channel.  Furthermore, all Board meeting agendas, materials and minutes are available on the Board’s website.  Board meetings are legal meetings and are open to the public except for those instances stipulated in law when an executive session may be held.

    Each July, the Board of Education holds its annual reorganization meeting.  At this meeting, officers of the Board (president and vice president) are elected.  In August, the Board president makes committee and liaison assignments for the ensuing year, which are then approved by the Board.  Membership on committees expires at the time of reorganization.


Responsibilities & Time Expectations of Board Members

  • Fargo Board of Education members are obligated to fulfill legal and civic responsibilities.  Each Board member is compensated with a stipend of $1,000 per month for their work and time. 

    The list below is an overview of the responsibilities and time expectations of Board members.

    • Regular Board Meetings – 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month, beginning at 5:30 p.m., 1-3 hours each
    • Summer & Winter Retreats – 6-8 hours each (January and July)
    • Special Board Meetings – as needed
    • Committee Meetings – 2-3 assignments per person (1 meeting per month per committee on average); for additional information see Board policy GP-7
    • School Liaison Assignment – 2-4 meetings with each liaison school (staff and PTA), each Board member has 2-3 liaison schools
    • Liaison Assignments to Other Committees or Community Groups – varies by group
    • School Functions – several throughout the year
    • Staff Appreciation Picnic – annual picnic held by the Board for summer staff each August
    • Back to School Staff Event – morning event at the Scheels Arena with all staff
    • North Dakota State School Board Association (NDSBA) Conference, Bismarck – 2-day conference in October each year
    • National School Board Association (NSBA) Conference – 3-day conference in March or April each year
    • Joint Meetings with City of Fargo and Park District Officials – 1-2 times per year
    • Student and Public Engagement Meetings – as determined by the Board
    • Distribution of High School Diplomas – assigned 1-2 schools annually to distribute diplomas at graduation
    • Legislative Interactions – periodic updates with assigned legislators, legislative breakfast in Bismarck during session, possible testimony at committee hearings
    • Being available to patrons to respond to questions/concerns


Additional Resources

  • The Fargo Board of Education is a member of the North Dakota Schools Board Association and the National School Board Association.  To find out more about those organizations, visit:


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