Student Teaching/Internships

  • Fargo Public Schools works with numerous local and national colleges and universities to help place students in student teaching and internship positions.  Options vary based on the field of study, however we work closely with the school to ensure that the program requirements are met.  The primary objective is to provide the opportunity for acquisition and demonstration of competencies related to your area of study.

    To inquire about student teaching and internship opportunities, please work through your school or contact Fargo Public School’s Teaching & Learning Department at 701.446.1010 to request information. The Counseling Practicum/Internship Application can be found here.

    Individuals requesting student teaching or internship opportunities must provide the following:

    • Letter of Request for Student Teacher/Internship (includes school requirement for number of hours)
    • Verification of Background Check Completion (Background check must be completed by college or university)
    • 2 Letters of Recommendation
    • Resume

    Colleges and universities requesting to have students placed must ensure that an affiliation agreement is on file with Fargo Public Schools.  Additionally, Fargo Public Schools requires that payment to the supervising teacher or certified staff member be made directly to the employee. 

    To verify that a current affiliation agreement is on file or to request an affiliation agreement with Fargo Public Schools, please contact Doug Andring, Director of Human Resources at 701.446.1038.