Office 365 for Students

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    If you have a Fargo Schools student, you can install Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) on a home computer or iPad for free.

    Click here for instructions on how a student can install Office at home.

  •  Microsoft Office 365 for Students Q & A

    Q: What is Office 365 Pro Plus for Students?
    A: Office 365 for Students is an online subscription to Microsoft Office products online. This includes access to online copies of the Office programs, the option to download and install a full copy of Office Professional, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher on up to 5 computers, AND the ability to load Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Apps on a personal iPad.

    Q: Why is Microsoft making this offer to students?
    A: Fargo Public Schools pays for Microsoft Office on school computers. Microsoft recognized that students were getting the benefit of Office at school, but not necessarily at home for research and homework. This new benefit is meant to bridge that gap and make it easier for students to complete their homework, by being able to download and install a full copy of Office Professional on their favorite device.

    Q: My student is in high school and has a school-issued tablet. Is this offer for use on the tablet?
    A: The Glass Paper Project tablets are already loaded with Office Professional so it doesn’t need to be loaded a second time. But if you have a home computer that doesn’t currently have Office Professional, your student could access Office365 from that computer to download and install the program.

    Q: Can this offer be used to give Office Professional to an uncle/aunt/cousin/grandparent/etc.?
    A: No. This offer is for use on a computer in your home.

    Q: Does this mean Fargo Schools is going to stop using Google Docs?
    A: No. Google Docs is an excellent collaboration platform and is still a primary resource for schoolwork in class and at home. Office Professional (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher) is also an excellent document, spreadsheet, and presentation suite that students should also have the option to use both at school and at home. Being able to use programs from each suite of products is beneficial in preparing our students for post K-12 education and careers.