Think Twice, Scrape the Ice

  • Scrape the Ice

    There are two main causes of accidents after a storm, slippery roads and reduced visibility.  Reduced visibility can be caused by drivers not clearing their windows of snow and ice.

    “Think Twice, Scrape the Ice” evolved after a member of the SRO team noticed school-aged drivers arriving at school with only a small peep hole on the frosted windshield of their cars. 

    The officer noticed one particular teen outside of Shanley High School who had driven to school without adequately scraping the snow and ice off of her windshield.  He warned her of the dangers of driving with an obstructed view and then he decided to take the message a step further.

    Ice scrapers were purchased with “Think Twice, Scrape the Ice” printed on the handle.  Approximately 500 scrapers were purchased with crime prevention funds— the SRO team believes it is a small investment to keep kids safe.  The ice scrapers are distributed to student drivers and staff in the schools to promote safe and responsible driving.  The program has expanded to include city-wide distribution of scrapers in an effort to reduce the number of weather-related traffic accidents.