Locker or Lose It

  • Locker or Lose It

    The “Locker or Lose It” program began in response to the growing number of locker thefts that had been occurring in the Fargo Public Schools.  Most of the thefts that were reported to the SROs had a common denominator – unsecured lockers. The Fargo Police Department had already developed a community response to the increasing thefts of unsecured belongings called “Lock It or Lose It”.

    The “Locker or Lose It” campaign was an attempt to bring more direct attention to the idea of crime prevention as it directly related the schools.

    The student-designed magnets were created and purchased with the assistance of the Fargo Police Department Crime Prevention Office.  The school resource officers frequently place the magnets on lockers that are found to be unlocked, and continue to use this campaign to educate the students about the importance of keeping their property secured during the school day.