Smart Choices, Bright Futures

  • The Smart Choices, Bright Futures (SCBF) program is a collaborative effort between the Fargo Public Schools, Fargo Police Department, and other community agencies. SCBF is a comprehensive, skills-based health promotion program that has been adapted by the Fargo Public Schools for students in grade five.

    The goal of SCBF is to teach students the necessary knowledge, attitudes, skills, and experience to practice positive health behaviors in order to reduce risky adolescent behaviors shown to contribute to the development of chronic illnesses such as cancer.

    The SCBF curriculum focuses on making voluntary behavioral changes in the areas of cigarette smoking, alcohol consumption, over-the-counter drug abuse, and marijuana use. The curriculum also encompasses skill building in the areas of making healthy choices and combating negative peer pressure.  The first two lessons are taught by the regular classroom teacher and lessons three through eight are taught by members of the SRO group in conjunction with other community agencies.

    The SCBF curriculum is presented to all fifth grade sections in the Fargo Public School District as well as students in the Fargo Catholic Schools Network.  A member of the Fargo PD SRO team also sits on the SCBF curriculum writing team that evaluates and makes modifications to the program each year.