North High School

  • Officer Neilson  Officer Jason Abel

     Phone: 701-446-2631

     Text-A-Tip: 701-630-1717


     How long have you been a police officer? 
    I became a police officer in 2006.

    Why did you become an SRO? 
    Early in my career I was told by another law enforcement officer that if I ever wanted a rewarding challenge, I should become an SRO. He told me there will be times when you will really be able to help/connect with kids and make a difference in their life. I felt I had plateaued in my career, and needed a new challenge, some way that I felt that I could make a difference – and that is when I remembered the words from that officer. I have two kids of my own and know the struggles they face in this everchanging society, so I thought what better way for me to reach out and help kids than to become an SRO.

    What is your training and specialty?
    I attended Lake Region State College in the summer of 2005. After graduation, I was hired on with Fargo Police Department, where I have been ever since. Since becoming a police officer, I have attended Drug Recognition Expert (DRE), SFST instructor, radar/LiDAR instructor, SRO Basic, traffic accident reconstruction, and server training instructor school. I have also taught classes related to Law Enforcement for Lake Region College.

    What are your off-duty interests? 
    I have two kids of my own, both of whom are involved in sports and friends. Therefore, I find myself running them around most of the time. When I am not with them I enjoy going to the lake, where, again I find myself pulling my kids around on the tube, wake board or knee board. In my free time (which is rare!) I enjoy fishing, hunting, working in my garden, wood working, and snowmobiling in the winter.