Indian Education Program Forms

  • The only form that needs to be filled out is the Title VI Student Eligibility form, unless you do not have a tribal enrollment number available to put on the form.  Then we will need the Title VI Release of Information form filled out and signed.  We need a form on every child in grades K-12, you only need to fill this out once and it is kept in our files until they graduate. 

    For an explanation of how to fill out the hard copy of the 506 form, click here.

    You can fill this form out electronically, digitally sign, and submit by clicking here.

    When filling out the Title VI 506 Student Eligibility form, you will need to put the child, parent or grandparents tribal enrollment number on it.  If you don't have it please fill out the Title VI Release of Information form and we can send that off to the tribal agency to obtain the enrollment number. You will need to list the address of the reservation, you can refer to the Tribal Directories, if your reservation is not listed you can look it up at  These forms are necessary to fund the Indian Education Program so that we can continue to provide cultural and academic support to the Native American students in the Fargo and West Fargo Public Schools.  Thank you for your assistance!