Gifted Services Referral Process

  • Fargo Public Schools Gifted Services utilizes the Teacher Assistance Team process for identifying and matching children to an appropriate gifted service. Below is a summary of this process:

    1. Anyone may initiate the referral process by articulating a need to the gifted services teacher, classroom teacher or principal.

    2. A meeting will be held with appropriate staff and parent(s) or guardian(s) in attendance.  This team determines if services are needed.

    3. The team assesses the child's needs and recommends matching the child to a gifted service option. The gifted service(s) may be applied in and/or out of the classroom setting.

    4. All students receiving services will have an Individualized Learning Plan  (ILP).

    The child's progress is reviewed each year to determine if the service is still an appropriate match.  If the service(s) continues to be necessary, the child's ILP is renewed.