Elementary Gifted Services

  • Following is a menu and description of our gifted services. Since it is our mission to raise high ability student achievement, it is critical than appropriate match is made between the child and the service. Each service is based on sound educational research. Using a team approach and criteria, the referral process is used to make decisions about a student's need for a service.  A program brochure is available to download.

    Cluster Grouping is the practice of identifying a small group of academically talented or intellectually gifted students at a grade level and placing them in the same classroom with a teacher trained to differentiate curriculum and instruction. Click on this link to view frequently asked questions.

    Grade Skipping is cutting a full year from the usual number of years typically required to progress from kindergarten to high school graduation.

    Early Entrance is the practice of admitting a child to school at an age earlier than usually allowed by the district.

    Curriculum Compacting is streamlining the regular curriculum to "buy time" for enrichment, accelerated content, or independent study.

    Subject Acceleration is allowing students to move more quickly through the progression of skills and content mastery in one subject where great advancement or proficiency has been observed.

    Concurrent Enrollment is allowing students to attend classes in more than one building level during the same school year.

    Enrichment Cluster is grouping children for a specified period of time each day or week to work with a trained specialist on differentiated curriculum.

    Independent Study is a structured project agreed upon by student and supervising teacher that allow a student to individually investigate an area of high interest to advance knowledge.