Parent Mental Health

  • Parent Guidance Medallion

  • Fargo Public Schools is excited to partner with the Cook Center for Human Connection and their website This is a mental health resource for parents and provides a trusted place to go for real answers, to find support and real help for their children. 

    This FREE resource offers parents access to licensed therapists delivering different courses for parents on topics like living with a child with depression, identifying anxiety, and coping with grief and loss.

    The four parts to this service are:

    1. Monthly District-Specific Webinars 
    2. Parent Coaching
      • Sign in to
      • Click on “parent coaching” to sign up for a trained parenting coach then select “Register for Coaching”
      • Coaching is just what it sounds like; one-on-one help with a trained coach, helping you face issues with yourself or your family. Coaching is free and confidential
    3. Online Parenting Courses
      • In, click on “Courses” select over 50 Free courses in the privacy of your own home.
    4. Ask a Therapist
      • In, click on “Ask a Therapist” to review therapist responses to Frequently Asked Questions submitted by parents, or submit a question of your own.

    Questions: Contact Jen Sahr at