Letters of Recommendation

  • If applying for scholarships, colleges, or anything else where you may need a recommendation, it is helpful to give the recommender as much information as possible so they can write a good letter on your behalf.  This worksheet may be helpful to complete and give to those you are asking for recommendations.  Remember that it's always good to ask for a recommendation at least two weeks prior to when needed.  

    Recommendation Worksheet


Resumes and Cover Letters

  • Job applications can often be completed online or in paper form.  Often times, it is helpful to have a resume and cover letter prepared to accompany your application.  Below are some tools that can provide you with pointers in preparing a cover letter and resume.  It is always helpful to keep a resume for yourself so you can pull information from it that may be needed as you complete a job application.

    Cover Letter tips

    Resume tips


  • Interviews may be held online or in-person and allow you the opportunity to get to know the employer as well as tell them about your qualifications and background.  Below are some tips for interviewing as well as some typical interview questions that might be helpful to rehearse with someone prior to an interview.  

    Interview Tips

    Common Interview Questions