• Fargo Public Schools (FPS) is committed to educational justice by preserving and strengthening our public schools. In pursuit of our mission to educate and empower all students to succeed, Fargo Public Schools governs using the following organizational FPS Philosophies. These FPS Philosophies guide decision-making and daily operations by emphasizing important values that Fargo Public Schools embodies. These philosophies are intended to reflect the way Fargo Public Schools operates; communicates; and motivates our students, employees, and stakeholders to take action.


  • Each FPS Philosophy is based on a set of supporting statements, which are statements that provide justification for our philosophies.

    FPS Philosophies are necessary to clearly communicate our approach to education. These philosophies demonstrate who we are and what we believe in. The FPS Strategic Plan outlines what we do and the Results we will achieve. Additionally, these philosophies serve as our organizational commitment to  support inclusive practices in education and academic freedom. The FPS Philosophies were developed as a tool to clearly identify Fargo Public Schools’ approach to education and be a rationale for our practices. In a world of increasing misinformation, misrepresentation and differing views regarding the approach to education, the FPS Philosophies and supporting statements serve as our organizational truths.


  • Fargo Public Schools acknowledges the National Education Association for the use of their School Board Policies and Resolutions in the creation and adoption of the following FPS Philosophies and supporting statements.

    The FPS Philosophies and supporting statements were developed through an iterative feedback process with consultation from the following Fargo Public Schools stakeholder groups:

    • 2023 FPS Superintendent Student Luncheon Group (2 high school students from each FPS high school)
    • 2023 FPS Parent Equity and Advisory Committee for Education (PEACE)
    • Fargo Public Schools Administrators
      • Cabinet
      • District Administrators
      • Schools Administrators
    • Fargo Board of Education’s Communication, Engagement, and Advocacy Committee
    • Fargo Education Association's Executive Committee
    • Select FPS Secondary Social Studies and Sociology Teachers

    The FPS Philosophies were affirmed by the Fargo Board of Education on July 11, 2023.