• On 2 November 2022, ND-20061 underwent their tri-annual HQ AFJROTC Unit Assessment.  Mr Rob Atkins, the Region 5 Director, visited ND-20061 for the day to evaluate the unit's performance.  The morning started off at 7:30 am with a mass formation of all cadets in the main gym, where Mr Atkins did a walkthrough to assess uniform wear and adherence to standards.  After the uniform inspection, a team of ten 1st and 2nd year cadets, marched the "30 Command" drill sequence to demonstrate the unit's proficiency in drill and ceremonies.  Mr. Atkins then talked to the Corps about the importance of their involvement in JROTC and presented the Top Performer Ribbon to Cadets Borowski and Johnson for their outstanding performance this academic year.

    The remainder of the day, Mr Atkins observed Col Muhs and Chief Gibson teach academic lessons, met with the school bookkeeper and counselors, received a unit mission briefing from the Cadet Corps leadership, and inspected the unit's logistical operations.  At the end of the day, Mr Atkins debriefed the South Principal, Dr Bertsch, on the results of the assessment.  The unit received "Exceeds Standards" on 17 of the 30 assessment items, "Exceeds Standards" on 4 of the 7 sections, and an overall "Exceeds Standards" rating.  This is the highest possible rating for the assessment.

    Congratulations cadets for an outstanding job!