Educational Justice

  • Fargo Public Schools is committed to Educational Justice. As defined in the Handbook of Research on Educator Continuum and Development of Teachers, educational justice is adjusting the system so that access to resources and guarantees for educational success are provided for all.

    At FPS, the words educational justice are used to challenge ourselves, improve our systems, and grow as a community. In the book PLC+: Better Decisions and Greater Impact by Design, five questions are identified to drive changes to many facets of teaching and learning and seed larger change. The process of monitoring Results, evaluating Standards, and measuring Formative Information is rooted in these five questions that allow educator teams to put educational justice front and center in all collaborative conversations. Most importantly, these questions help FPS keep the focus on Results and assist in our journey to become and remain a learning organization. These five questions are as follows:

    1. Where are we going?
    2. Where are we now?
    3. How do we move learning forward?
    4. What did we learn today?
    5. Who benefited and who did not benefit?