• In the book Pacing for Growth: Why Intelligent Restraint Drives Long-Term Success, Alyson Eyring provides the following information about organizational alignment:

    “Alignment means coherence with your vision and your values.  It calls for leaders to ensure the process of setting Strategic Targets will add up to impact what is most important to achieve ‘vertical alignment.’

    Alignment requires daily processes and activities work together to create the most ‘value’ possible for the energy invested.  This results in ‘horizontal alignment.’

    It is easy to talk about alignment.  Building horizontal and vertical alignment with vision and values is a high-exertion, high-value activity.  It requires intention and dedicated time to decide to do somethings and not others.  It requires leaders to understand and problem-solve complexity.  You will never get rid of complexity. You can learn to manage it better together.  Improving your leadership capability to focus and create intentional routines, increases the likelihood of alignment and ultimate impact.”

    The purpose of the FPS Strategic Plan is to be a proactive road map to:

    1. Create the experiences for students as identified in the community’s priorities.
    2. Serve as a tool to ensure alignment of resources and efforts.
    3. Lead to desired results for students and staff within the governance structure utilized by the Fargo Board of Education.

    The FPS Strategic Plan is an overarching document for Fargo Public Schools that guides the scope of work for the district.

    The Fargo Board of Education adopted the Strategic Initiatives outlined in the Strategic Plan as the Board of Education’s Result’s Policies, allowing for organizational alignment in monitoring the desired results of the FPS Strategic Plan.