Virtual Academy Mission

  • Our Mission

    Empowering each student to find success within a safe, supportive, and flexible environment.

    Our Vision

    Fargo Virtual Academy is committed to excellence by:

    • Expanding student learning beyond physical space,
    • Collaborating with students, parents and the community, and
    • Providing equitable opportunities while having high expectations yet meeting students where they're at academically, emotionally, and physically. 

    Our Values

    • Learning
    • Acceptance
    • Responsibility
    • Flexibility
    • Student-Focused

Welcome to Virtual Academy

  • Meet your Virtual Academy Staff

    VA Staff

    Pictured left to right:  Holly Fiechtner, Principal; Rachel Schroeder, Social Studies; Nicole Wischnak, registrar; Vanessa Boehm, counselor; Matthew Dahmen, science; Laura Qualey, English; Madelyn Moore, math; and Katie King, SWFF (not pictured:  Aaron Walker, PD/Health and Cheryl Bombenger, SPED Services

Parent News

  • The primary means of communication in FPS Virtual Academy is email.  Parents/Guardians will be required to provide their working email and phone number. Changes to email or phone number(s) should be made immediately in PowerSchool. Emails will come from your online learning platform as well as Fargo Public Schools (FPS). Please check your email - including spam or junk files - regularly.