EL Family Liaisons

  • Student + Family + School Success

    Our family liaisons work to understand the situation and when necessary will reach out to stake-holders and FPS student supports to help resolve a situation and improve school-family communication and understanding. Please contact the FPS EL office at 701-446-3210 with questions. 

    • School rules, calendar, conferences…
    • Student attendance, grades, discipline… 
    • Student/family basic needs or transportation
    • Adult education options within FALC 
    • Choice-Ready Graduation path and progression
    • College application, scholarships, FAFSA 
    • Student social-emotional wellness, peer interaction, bullying… 

    EL Family Liaisons will accept and return calls, texts or emails between 4:00 and 7:30 pm or at another arranged time. 

Hispanic Family Liaison

  • Adriana Mendoza
    Language: Spanish 
    Adriana is the bilingual EL para at Discovery Middle School.