• The following information is required in Fargo Public Schools as of January 17, 2022:

    Positive COVID-19 Case
    If an individual tests positive for COVID-19, the individual must isolate for five days from the date of the positive test.  If the person is asymptomatic, or if symptoms are improving and the individual has been fever-free without medication for 24 hours at day five, the person is released from isolation. It is recommended the isolation period is followed by five days of wearing a well-fitting mask while around others.


  • The following information is strongly recommended in Fargo Public Schools as of January 17, 2022:

    Positive COVID-19 Case
    Individuals who test positive for COVID-19 and are released from isolation are strongly recommended to wear a well-fitting mask while around others through day 10.

    Household Contacts
    Students or staff members who are identified as a household close contact may continue to be in school. Students who are fully vaccinated can upload their vaccine cards into PowerSchool.

    Vaccinated individuals who are eligible but have yet to receive a booster are encouraged to wear a well-fitting mask while around others for 10 days and to receive their booster.  The CDC, Fargo Cass Public Health and the ND Department of Health consider individuals up to date with their vaccination immediately after receiving their booster.

    Unvaccinated household close contacts are strongly recommended to quarantine from school for ten days from the onset of their positive household member’s symptoms or from the day their asymptomatic household member tested positive. After those ten days, it is recommended the unvaccinated household contact participate in an every other day testing program. If they chose not to participate in the testing program, they are strongly recommended to remain home for an additional five days.

    Individuals are recommended to receive the COVID-19 vaccination.