Student Meals/ Nutrition Services

  • Students participating in Fargo Public Schools Virtual Academy will have access to school meals.  Meals are provided to all students free of charge this school year as allowed by the USDA Child Nutrition waivers.  Meals will be provided utilizing a once per week pick-up process.  The required food for the next week will be added together and converted to bulk grocery items.  For example, a loaf of bread may be given to provide the student with whole grains for the following week. At the pick-up, students will receive groceries to be used for making the following week's breakfasts and lunches at home.   Food will be cold and frozen.  Heating instructions will be provided.   Family members or friends who are able to provide the student's name may pick-up the food.  The student does not need to be present at the pick-up.  Students needing diet accommodations should contact the Nutrition Services department at 701-446-1153.

    Households wanting to participate are asked to sign up using the following link: