• Dear 8th graders and families,


    The 2021 Get Ready for High School discussion with TRIO Upward Bound was a great conversation!


    While we did not record the live event due to participants’ privacy, we did record a separate session you can view. So whether you missed the live event or just wanted to hear more from the TRIO Upward Bound students, you can watch the recording to hear about:

    • Words of wisdom. What high school students wish they would have known when they were 8th graders heading to high school.
    • Encouragement. Energizing and encouraging thoughts and advice to build your excitement and confidence about high school.
    • Tools and tips to make the most of high school. Learn about which clubs, activities, offices, and people were the most helpful or meaningful for high school students. We will also give details about the TRIO Upward Bound program.


    View the recording:



    If you have any questions, please reach out to me or your school counselor.


    Kind regards,


    Michelle Pearson

    TRIO Upward Bound Academic Coordinator

    North Dakota State University

    phone: 701.231.8090

    email: michelle.pearson@ndsu.edu

    website: https://ndsu.edu/trioub

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