Registration 2021-2022

  • Registration for the 2021-2022 school begins soon. Registration for Freshman year will begin January 20th. Future SHS Freshmen will meet with their 8th grade CBE counselors and their parents in January and February to discuss a 4-year rolling plan, courses, high school, and register for classes for next Fall. Under Freshman registration, you will find the 8th grade parent night video that was presented to 8th grade parents and student via zoom on January 11th. Additional information to help with course selections and high school information is provided in the Freshman registration section below. 

    Future SHS Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors will begin registration the week of January 25th. Counselors will be presenting to their science or English classes on graduation requirements, course selection, typical schedule for their grade level, and registration. Students will be given their registration card, a copy of their transcript, and a letter referencing important information for their respective grade level. Students will be asked to talk with their parents, teachers, and counselors to discuss their course selections for next year. The registration card must be signed by the student's parent/guardian and returned to their science or English teacher the following week. This year, students will be expected to input their courses on their own through PowerSchool. A video is provided below in 10-12 registration section for instructions on inputting courses. 

    Due dates for registration cards and input completion:

    Future Sophomores: 

    Registration card returned to science teacher and input complete by February 2nd.

    Future Juniors:

    Registration card returned to science teacher and input complete by February 4th. 

    Future Seniors:

    Registration card returned to English teacher and input complete by February 8th.


  • Below is a link to the Program of Studies which offers all courses within FPS, course descriptions, graduation requirements, and more. There is also a link to our Registration Special which showcases our elective courses within FPS.