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    The Theatre is an excellent way to develop self-confidence, both on and off the stage. Theatre students develop life skills, such as collaboration, concentration and communication. Imaginations are invigorated by creating improvisations, short scenes, and video movies. 

    Public performances, reader's theater, costume design, stage make-up, sound, stage lighting, stage combat, and script writing and directing are all opportunities offered through:

    Theatre Arts class (Grade 9 elective)

    Performing Arts I (Grade 10-11 elective)

    Performing Arts II (Grades 11-12 elective)


    • Cabaret Night
    • Musical
    • One-Act Play
    • Play
    • Dinner Theater
    • SOAP: Student written and directed One-Act Plays
    • Improvable Force Improv Troop


  • Hello, Theatre Parents.
    I hope you have all had a productive school year so far. It is
    hard to believe it is half over. I like to send out updates throughout the year to keep
    everyone informed. In this message I have provided some useful information for all
    parents and students involved in Davies Theatre.

    Davies Theatre Department Dates 2020

    March 13 Dinner Theatre Event at Olivet Church
    April 18,19 Musical Load In
    April 27-May5 Musical Tech
    May 7-10 Musical Performances 7:30 pm and 2:00 pm
    May 16 The STAARIS 7:30 pm
    May 22 Senior Improv Show

    Improv Dates
    April 3 – Improv Show
    May 22 – Improv Show  (Sr Show)

    Bullets Over Broadway
     We are in our second week of rehearsals and things are going very well. It will be a fun and high energy
     PARENT MEETING for all cast, crew, and pit parents scheduled for March 31 st
     We need some parents to take on some leadership roles within our parent group. Please consider volunteering
    for one of these positions. None of them are too complicated or time consuming and guidance will be
     Head Shots scheduled for April 6 th
     Tickets will go on sale on April 20 th
     Due to AP Exams in May we will not have a preview day. We are looking for new ways to publicize our
    musical. If you have ideas or publicity contacts in TV, radio, or print that we could make use of please drop
    us an email. Currently our publicity plan includes:
    o Poster Distribution in April
    o Performing at a Pep Rally in April
    o Singing some songs from the show at Lunch Runs and Possibly out in the community (if we can find
    a restaurant that would be open to it)
    o Reach out to Radio Shows and TV stations
    o Send out a media release with poster art

    o Buy ads in the Forum
     Cast Information Bullets Over Broadway:
    o Tap Shoes – The following people will need tap shoes – McKenna, Marcus, Kathy, Dylan, Bella,
    Clare, Tryniti, Olivia J, Pearl, Trinity, Jallison, Brooklyn, Julia, Kyla, Libner, Ana, Andy (Regular
    shoe tie style)
    o All lead females and Atta girls will need black character shoes
    o All boys will need black dress shoes
    o Conflicts – All conflicts have been recorded and will be excused. Any additional conflicts will need
    to be cleared with Saari. (Please avoid adding new conflicts)
    o Eligibility – Please keep on top of your grades and make sure you are attending all classes.
    o Show Participation Fee – All actors must pay an activity fee in the main office or online. Please take
    care of that as soon as possible.
    o Show Shirt – We will order a show shirt for every actor unless you specifically tell Ashlyn that you
    do not want one. The shirts cost $12.00. Pit shirts are covered by the show budget as they are required
    to wear it for the shows. Technicians may sign-up with Ashlyn or by filling out the t-shirt form if they
    would like a shirt ordered for them.
    o Scripts – The scripts are rented please only mark with pencil… NO HIGHLIGHTERS or PEN. If you
    lose or ruin your script you will need to pay $55.00 to cover the cost.
    o Tech Hours – All actors will be assigned a crew to complete tech hours for the show. Please check
    what crew you are assigned and make sure to participate in those crew times.
    o See the Theatre Website for Door 22 Use rules.
     AP Exam and Tech Week Adjustments
    Friday May 1 st -                Meeting with Cast, Crew, Pit at 4:00 pm
                                               4:45 pm Meal
                                               5:20 pm Mics
                                               6:00 pm Run (Full tech , No Costume, Make-up or Hair)
    Saturday May 2 nd -          Call 11:00 am
                                               Meal 2:00 pm
                                               Mics 3:00 pm
                                               Run 4:30 pm
    Sunday May 3 rd -             Call at Noon
                                               Meal at 2:00 pm
                                               Full Dress Run with pictures at 4:00 pm
    Monday May 4 th -            Call at 4:00  - quick meeting and right into mics
                                               No Meal – Snack food set out in the classroom.
                                               Full Run at 5:00 pm (No Hair, make-up or costumes)
    Tuesday May 5 th -            Call at 8:00 am
                                               Meal (in the classroom) at 11:00 am
                                               Full Dress Run with Pictures at 1:00 pm
                                               Group Pictures after the run
    Wednesday May 6 th -      (No Pre-view Day) TBA Rehearsal 4-6 pm

    Preliminary Dates for Next Year……
    Please remember that these dates are tentative. Some minor changes are still possible. The following
    events have not been set on the calendar yet: Improv shows, Game Show Event, etc.

    Davies Theatre Department Performances/Auditions/Tech 2020-21
    Aug. 31-Sep. 4 Musical Auditions and Callbacks
    Sep. 28-Oct.1 Cabaret Tech Days
    October 2 Cabaret Night Show  7:30 pm
    October 30-Nov. 1 Musical Load In
    November 13-17 Musical Tech Days
    November 19-22 Musical Performs 7:30 and 2:00
    Nov. 30 - Dec. 4 Audition Week!

    January 15 One-Act Public Performance 7:30 pm
    February 19-21 Play Load In
    March 5-9 Play Tech Days
    March 11-14 Play Performs 7:30 and 2:00
    March 22-24 SOAP Auditions and Callbacks
    April 6, 7 Fargo Public Schools Theatre Festival

    @ South High School
    May 6,7 SOAP Performances  7:30 pm
    May 21 Senior Improv Show
    May 22 The STAARIS   7:30 pm

    Our students performed very well at the Festival with many walking away with some awards.
    Congratulations to the following festival events Winners
    Tech Olympics:
    1st - Zach Rohleder, Austin Nelson, Mark Rohleder, Talon Gerling, Sasha Flink
    4th - Sabrina Haagenstad, Ryan Andreachi, Lexi Rosenberg, Alaynah Otremba, Orion Gerling

    Set Design: 1 st – Hannah Thomas
    Costume Design: 1 st – Jallison Paul
    Monologue: 1 st - Jack Libner
    Musical Theatre Solo: 1 st - Anna Salmon and 2 nd - McKenna Brye
    Scene Duo: 1 st - Avery Hoffman & Ashlin Satkunam
    Musical Theatre Duet: 2 nd - Avery Hoffman & Jack Lingle
    Dance Performance: 1 st - Dylan Lian and 3 rd - Trinity Kirschemann & Olivia Jahner
    Outstanding Performers in the one-act play: Hannah Oberg and Jack Lingle

     Our Website
    We would like to remind everyone that our Davies Theatre website is up and running.
    We have been trying to keep it updated with all schedules, casting information, and
    documents. Please visit the site and check it out. It has a lot of useful information.

    Other Information:
     The Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre event will be reprised. This year it will be held
    at Olivet Church on Friday March 13. (cue creepy music) Currently the show is sold
     We are planning another Minneapolis day trip on Saturday April 4 th . We will attend
    Anastasia at the Orpheum and make a stop at the Mall Of America. All spots have
    been filled.
    Lastly, thank you so much for all your efforts to support your children and this
    program. We enjoy working with such talented kids. Please don’t hesitate to contact
    me if you have any questions or concerns. We look forward to working with you and
    your children throughout the rest of the year and next fall.
    Thank you for supporting Davies Theatre!

    Rebecca Saari

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