Public Comment on the Name of Woodrow Wilson High School

  • The Fargo Public Schools Board of Education's Communications, Engagement, and Advocacy Committee invites comments from members of the Fargo Public Schools community regarding the Woodrow Wilson school name (including the namesake and/or his/her/their heirs).  Public comment will be received through the form below until 12:00 p.m. NOON on Thursday, October 1.

    Administrative Policy 3260 - Naming and Renaming of Fargo Public Schools Buildings and Other Spaces states the following:

    Fargo Public Schools is committed to maintaining high standards of integrity and to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for all members of the Fargo community.

    The School Board recognizes that the naming and/or renaming of a Fargo Public Schools building or space is of great importance and deserves thoughtful attention.

    Fargo Public Schools will apply a clear process for addressing questions of renaming in effort not only to arrive at a proper conclusion, but to also avoid controversy over whether requests are treated consistently. The process should take into account that Fargo Public Schools is an education institution devoted to the development of students as scholars and citizens and dedicated to the creation of an inclusive and responsible school community.

    During the time the School Board’s Communications, Engagement and Advocacy Committee reviews the request, Fargo Public Schools will develop a process inviting comments from all interested members of the Fargo Public Schools community (including the namesake and/or his/her/their heirs).

    The Communications, Engagement and Advocacy Committee will apply the guidelines established in AP 3260, and referenced on the second page of the form available below, to the Woodrow Wilson High School name using the established process in AP 3260 and ensure that the inquiry itself does not exacerbate the harms that are being considered. 

    The Communications, Engagement and Advocacy Committee will forward any recommendation on the name of Woodrow Wilson High School to the full School Board for consideration.


    Use the form linked below to respond to the questions as it relates to your personal opinion about the Woodrow Wilson High School name. Please note the following when completing the form:

    • Limited questions are required on the form; all other questions are optional on the form.
    • The Committee will take extra consideration to the opinion of residents in the Fargo Public Schools district.
    • The Committee will be unable to follow-up with or request further information from individuals who do not submit any contact information.

    The form will be available until Thursday, October 1 at NOON.  Please call 701-446-1005 for assistance in completing the form.