Request to Rename a Building or Other Space

  • Fargo Public Schools is committed to maintaining high standards of integrity and to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for all members of the Fargo community.

    The School Board recognizes that the naming and/or renaming of a Fargo Public Schools building or space is of great importance and deserves thoughtful attention.  Therefore, Administrative Policy (AP) 3260 Naming and Renaming of Fargo Public School Buildings and Other Spaces specifies the process for community members to suggest names for buildings and spaces while also allowing for a process to request a name of school building or other space be rescinded.  AP 3260 is available at this link.  

    To request a name of a school building or other space be considered to be rescinded, please complete the form below.  Please call 701-446-1005 for assistance in completing the form.