Middle School

  • FPS Virtual Academy for Middle School (1):

    At the beginning of the year, middle school students had the option to choose to attend the FPS Middle School Virtual Academy for the fall semester or the full year. The Virtual Academy is staffed with FPS teachers. Support services such as special education and English Learner services are provided in a distance learning environment. Students who choose this option participate in four courses online in synchronous (scheduled) video conference sessions and complete asynchronous (unscheduled) activities.

    • English Language Arts
    • Math
    • Science
    • Social Studies

    Middle School Virtual Academy (1) students follow the Fargo Public Schools distance learning expectations as outlined in the distance learning agreement.

    Synchronous - All students are expected to be logged into the classroom Zoom session.
    Asynchronous - Some students may be logged in while others are working independently.
    Independent - Students will be working independently to complete assignments.
    Courses: English Language Arts / Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies
    Study Hall / Small Group Intervention (synchronous/asynchronous) 

    FPS Virtual Academy for Middle School (2):

    As the school year progressed, the number of middle school students/families who wished to be part of the Fargo Public Schools Middle School Virtual Academy reached the maximum student to teacher ratio. For this reason, a second modified Middle School Virtual Academy (2) was developed. The Middle School Virtual Academy (2) offers an asynchronous virtual academy experience for any new request from students/families to join the Middle School Virtual Academy. By providing this opportunity, the student to teacher ratio in our synchronous virtual academy will not increase as more students/families take advantage of a virtual academy. In addition, students/families will continue to have a virtual academy option.

    How is Virtual Academy 2 different from Virtual Academy 1?

    • Edmentum coursework is utilized

    ■ Students work on their lessons in an asynchronous mode (students complete lessons on their own)

    • Teachers do not conduct daily synchronous Zoom sessions
    • Virtual academy teachers:

    ■ Help the student(s) login to Edmentum course(s)

    ■ Communicate with students and families

    • Provide synchronous connection at least once weekly

    ■ Schedule 30 minutes per week for each student

    • Provide feedback and grade lessons
    • Post progress and grades for the student in PowerSchool

    ■ Provide communication with students’ homeschools Courses: English Language Arts / Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies


    For additional questions, please email fiechth@fargo.k12.nd.us

  • Virtual Academy Wolves


  • Contact the Middle School Virtual Academy by calling: 701-446-1602