Elementary School

  • FPS Virtual Academy for Grades K-5, Option 1 (Instructor-Led):

    At the beginning of the year, Elementary students had the option to choose to attend the FPS Virtual Academy for the fall semester or the full year. Students who choose this option participate in 3 courses online in synchronous (scheduled) video conference sessions and complete asynchronous (unscheduled) activities. The Virtual Academy is staffed with FPS teachers. Support services such as special education and English Learner services are provided in a distance learning environment.

    Virtual Academy Option 2 (Parent-Led/Calvert Learning):

    As the school year progressed, the number of elementary school students/families who wished to be part of the Fargo Public Schools Elementary School Virtual Academy reached a maximum student to teacher ratio. For this reason, a second modified Elementary Virtual Academy was developed.

    How is Elementary Virtual Academy Option 2 different from Elementary Virtual Academy Option 1?

    • Virtual Academy Option 2 students and families receive logins to Calvert Learning and were assigned a licensed teacher from this company instead of a Fargo Public Schools teacher.
    • The assigned teacher offers optional live lessons and responds to requests for assistance and conferences with each student once every two weeks.
    • Students complete learning activities and assignments on their own and/or with parent support.
    • The Calvert curriculum is an engaging, digital experience and has an option for printed materials that reinforce learning.
    • Parents attend a required training session to learn how to navigate the system and connect with the teacher (1 hour).

     Calvert’s curriculum includes:

    • Grades K-1: Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Health, and PE
    • Grades 2-5: Math, English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Art, and PE Electives

    For additional questions, please email nappel@fargo.k12.nd.us