Equity Action Plan

  • Modeled on the Fridley, MN Public Schools Action Plan

    The FPS is in the early stages of developing an Equity Action Plan, of which, student success and educational equity are cornerstones. The Equity Action Plan will embody the District's mission and philosophy on equity and inclusion.  The Equity and Inclusion Plan will guide where FPS must continue to grow, embrace change,  and model the practice of personal reflection and professional collective accountability.

    Young girl with Dis/ability We believe educational equity looks like:

    • Authentic, caring relationships with and among students, staff, and families
    • Culturally inclusive pedagogy
    • High expectations for each student to meet grade level expectations and experience “on time” graduation with his/her/their 9th grade cohort
    • Parity in enrollment in advanced courses
    • Reflective and adaptive curriculum
    • Welcoming and safe school environments
    • System-wide outcomes that contribute to a more just Fargo community and world.

    We believe educational equity feels like we can each say:

    • I am seen for my strengths and contributions
    • I am respected for who I am
    • My voice is heard and appreciated
    • I feel cared about and I care about others
    • I see myself represented positively in my school’s curriculum
    • I feel comfortable and welcomed at school
    • I am academically confident and challenged
    • I am empowered to achieve my goals, my dreams, and my full potential
    • I see my place and responsibility in creating a more just society