• Department of Equity & Inclusion

  • The Fargo Public Schools Office of Educational Justice works to adjust the educational system so that access to resources and guarantees for educational success are provided for all.

    The Educational Justice department is accountable to FPS’s Strategic Initiative 2, which states that Fargo Public Schools will implement equitable district-wide processes to create a sense of belonging for all students and staff in physically and psychologically supportive environments.  

    We strive to accomplish this goal through:

    • Engaging all stakeholders in surveys that seek to understand opinions, attitudes, perceptions, and points of view of the district.
    • When necessary, adjusting District policy so that each student has the opportunity for educational success.
    • Monitor and collaboratively develop appropriate strategies to fill achievement gaps, increase student attendance, and ensure equitable disciplinary practices.   
    • Support schools in the implementation of informed trauma practices and crisis response.   
    • Expand intercultural capacity to serve all student and staff groups to reach parity in outcomes.  
    • Implement, monitor, and improve school and district safety and emergency management procedures and practices.  
    • Increasing the quality and quantity of available student support services.

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  • Tristan Love
    Director of Educational Justice

    Dr. Jen Sahr
    Assistant Director of Educational Justice

    Chrisann Aalderks  
    Administrative Assistant