Secondary Schools

Student Groupings

  • Secondary students (grades 6–12) will begin each semester with a limited number of in-person contact/ instructional days at their school to establish teacher-student relationships and learning expectations.

    Class rosters are being balanced to reflect close to 50% of students attending on an alternating schedule. Groups will follow the Level 3–Hybrid Instruction group calendar below. Level 3–Hybrid Instruction groupings are organized by last name of the oldest student in your home.

    • Group 1 is A-K

    • Group 2 is L-Z

    September 2020 Calendar

    According to the current plan, if the FPS Instructional Plan Committee decides that both elementary and secondary schools remain at Level 3-Hybrid Instruction, middle and high school students will not transittion to online learning beginning October 5.

    If both elementary and secondary schools are at Level 3 at that time, the following calendar will apply.

    Fargo Public Secondary Schools calendar

    Download Calendar

Group Transfer Request

  • We understand the difficulties families are facing when students attend school only certain days of a week. If you feel your family has a hardship and would like to request a group transfer, please contact your building’s principal. Not all requests may be able to be granted. Requests will be honored on a case-by-case basis.

    Requests need to be made by August 26, 2020.

School Changes

  • In the Level 3–Hybrid Instruction model, our school day is adjusted to support planning for students on distance learning days.

    September 2 - October 2 Daily Period Schedules

    • Click here for North High Schools’ Schedule 
    • Click here for Ben Franklin Middle Schools’ Schedule
    • Click here for South High Schools’ Schedule 
    • Click here for Carl Ben Eileson Middle Schools’ Schedule
    • Click here for Davies High Schools’ Schedule 
    • Click here for Discovery Middle Schools’ Schedule
    • Please contact Woodrow Wilson High School for Scheduling Details   

    Online Schedule begins Oct. 5

    Online Schedule Table

COVID-19 Instructional Plan Committee

  • Fargo Public Schools has established an FPS COVID-19 Instructional Plan Committee.  The purpose of the committee is to meet every two weeks, review data regarding COVID-19 cases in our community, and make determinations for which Instructional Plan Level will be used to deliver instruction in Fargo schools.

    Smart Restart Levels

    Specific criteria used by the committee to determine which Instructional Plan Level is adopted includes:

    • Guidance from the state of North Dakota
    • Guidance from Cass County
    • Cass County Death Rate
    • Cass County hospitalization rate
    • Cass County transmission rate
    • Ability to implement social distancing
    • Staff leave data
    • Substitute fill rate

    The goal of the Fargo Public Schools COVID-19 Instructional Plan Committee is to help Fargo Public Schools reach Level 5, where all students and staff can safely return to in-person instruction. Specific criteria used to help make this determination included, but are not limited to: guidance from the state, guidance from Fargo Cass Public Health, Cass County COVID-19 death rate, Cass County COVID-19 hospitalization rate, Cass County COVID-19 transmission rate, and considerations to the implementation of the FPS Smart Restart Plan. When considering specific Cass County data, a 14-day rolling average of COVID-19 cases was used.

    It is important to keep in mind that the FPS Smart Restart Plan is subject to revision at any time based upon updated information and mandates from city, state, and national health and government officials. 

    Click here for more information on the FPS COVID-19 Instructional Plan Committee.

Middle School Virtual Academy

  • Some families have opted to attend the Virtual Academy this semester. 

    Click here for additional information regarding the Virtual Academy.

High School Virtual Academy

  • Families should contact their building principal for questions regarding scheduling.