Elementary Schools

  • On October 19, the Fargo Public Schools (FPS) COVID-19 Instructional Plan Committee met and did not make any changes to the instructional model for Fargo Public Schools. Therefore, the current plan for Elementary school is still the following:

    Elementary Schools: Level 4 – In-Person Instruction (4 days per week) Beginning October 26
    Please go to the Fargo Public Schools Smart Restart Plan to learn more about Level 4 In-Person Instruction.

     Elementary Calendar

    Download calendar here

Before & After School Care

  • Boys and Girls Club will be providing school-out programming that will complement FPS instructional schedules in Levels 2-5. Before and after school care for In-person learning at home elementary is exactly the same as usual. Aftercare will start at the dismissal time at each building. Contact 235-2147 or visit www.bgcrrv.org for scheduling and registration information.

    The YMCA & The Boys and Girls Club may offer child care assistance and have scholarships based on family size and household income within budget allowance.

    YMCA Contact Information: 218-259-2326 or visit http://ymcacassclay.org/

School Supply List

  • The 2020-2021 School Supply list is available here

    1. One face mask for each student, one will also be provided by FPS
    2. A water bottle for students to use during the day

     We are asking that parents do their best to get the items on the list. If there are items that cannot be found, like sanitizing wipes, we understand and know the circumstances that are going on currently.