Elementary Schools

Student Groupings

  • Class rosters are being balanced to reflect close to 50% of students attending on an alternate schedule. Group 1 will be attending Mondays and Tuesdays and alternate Wednesdays. Group 2 will be attending Thursdays and Fridays and alternate Wednesdays. Please see the calendar below for the Level 3--Hybrid Instruction group schedule. Level 3--Hybrid Instruction groupings are organized by last name of the oldest student in your home. 

    • Group 1 is A-K

    • Group 2 is L-Z
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     Download calendar here

Guided Practice Center

  • The Fargo Public Schools Guided Practice Center will be offered to select students in grade K-5. The purpose of the Guided Practice Center will be to provide supervision and support to students in completing their distance learning assignments from their classroom teacher.

    The first day of the Guided Practice Center will be October 5 for Group 2 and October 7 for Group 1.

    The Level 3--Hybrid Instruction model consists of a two-week cycle. Each student would attend in-person instruction on their assigned group days each week (i.e., Group 1: M, T, and alternating W). During Level 3, the district will have the Guided Practice Center available to qualifying district families.

    • The number of slots available in the Guided Practice Center is limited.

    • Qualifying criteria will be utilized to determine a family’s eligibility to access the Guided Practice Center and its services. Examples of this criteria may include, but are not limited to: academic support, social emotional needs, or a family hardship.

    • Breakfast and lunch will be available for students.

    • The ratio of students to supervisors will be comparable to onsite instruction in a Level 3--Hybrid Instruction model.

    • There is no charge for the Guided Practice Center.

    • Specialized services will not be provided at the Guided Practice Center.

    District Transportation will be provided each day. The pick-up and drop off times may be different than the days your child attends their home school.

    • Students who have selected the FPS Virtual Academy will NOT be allowed to attend the Guided Practice Center.

    A district survey will be provided to all parents to determine student needs and eligibility. The survey window for the Guided Practice Center is Thursday, August 27 to Tuesday, September 1, 2020 at 11:59 PM. Families will be notified by Tuesday, September 8, 2020.

Before & After School Care

  • Boys and Girls Club will be providing school-out programming that will complement FPS instructional schedules in Levels 2-5. (www.bgcrrv.org or 235-2147 for scheduling and registration information.)

    Here are the specifics for the three phases of Level 3 beginning September 2.

    1. In-person learning in home elementary – before and after school, exactly the same as usual. After care will start at the new dismissal time at each building
    2. Guided Learning days in (most likely) middle or high schools – afterschool care only.

    The YMCA & The Boys and Girls Club may offer child care assistance and have scholarships based on family size and household income within budget allowance.

Virtual Academy

  • Some families have opted to attend the Virtual Academy this semester. The last day to switch from Virtual Academy back to attending school at the building is August 14.

    • Students who have selected the FPS Virtual Program will NOT be allowed to attend the Guided Practice Center.

    Click here for additional information regarding the Virtual Academy. 

School Supply List

  • The 2020-2021 School Supply list is available here

    1. One face mask for each student, one will also be provided by FPS
    2. A water bottle for students to use during the day

     We are asking that parents do their best to get the items on the list. If there are items that cannot be found, like sanitizing wipes, we understand and know the circumstances that are going on currently.