• Instructional Plan Levels

Update from Most Recent Meeting

  • On January 11, the Fargo Public Schools (FPS) COVID-19 Instructional Plan Committee met to review COVID-19 data. Per recommended guidance from local healthcare agencies, the committee decided to continue with the previously adopted return to in-person instruction plan and make no changes. The plan keeps the current instructional model in place for all levels for the remainder of the first semester (until January 15). Fargo Public Schools will return to in-person instruction (Level 4 – In-Person Instruction with Restrictions) for all grade levels beginning January 19, 2021.

    At the January 11 meeting, the FPS COVID-19 Instructional Plan Committee decided to transition to in-person instruction (Level 4 – In-Person Instruction with Restrictions) beginning January 19 five days a week for all levels (elementary, middle, and high school). Additional information about the transition to in-person instruction five days a week will be communicated by school administrators.

    It is important to know that Fargo Public Schools will adapt and make changes based on new information or guidance, if needed. The committee will meet again on Monday, February 8, 2021 at 6:30 a.m. to review data, determine if there is a significant number of cases impacting schools, and discuss the status of a potential vaccination plan for staff.

COVID-19 Instructional Plan Committee

  • Fargo Public Schools has established an FPS COVID-19 Instructional Plan Committee.  The purpose of the committee is to meet every two weeks, review data regarding COVID-19 cases in our community and make determinations for which Instructional Plan Level will be used to deliver instruction in Fargo schools. 

    Specific criteria used by the committee to determine which Instructional Plan Level is adopted includes:

    • Guidance from the state of North Dakota
    • Guidance from Cass County
    • Cass County Death Rate
    • Cass County hospitalization rate
    • Cass County transmission rate
    • Ability to implement social distancing
    • Staff leave data
    • Substitute fill rate

    Committtee membership is as follows:


    • Rupak Gandhi, Superintendent
    • Robert Grosz, Associate Superintendent
    • Missy Eidsness, Associate Superintendent
    • Tracie Newman, School Board Member
    • Blake Mikesell, Director of Maintenance and Operations
    • Doug Andring, Director of Human Resources
    • Mackenzie McCormick, Coordinator of Safety & Emergency Management
    • Brenton Nesemeier, Fargo Cass Public Health Epidemiologist
    • Andy Dahlen, High School Principal
    • Shane Martin, Middle School Principal
    • Rebecca Folden, Elementary School Principal
    • Jamison Jensen, Elementary School Teacher
    • Kathy Schott, Middle School Teacher
    • Phil Campbell, High School Teacher 
    • Becky Atkins, Support Staff Member
    • Melissa Burkland, Elementary School Parent
    • Joel Fremstad, High School Parent


    • Robin Nelson, Board of Education Alternate
    • Stacy Lovelace, Support Staff Alternate
    • Nathaniel Karlins, High School Parent Alternate