Everyday Math Login Directions

  • Step 1: Find your grade level USERNAME and PASSWORD from the list below:

    GRADE 1 - USERNAME: fpsgrade1  PASSWORD: Fpsfirst1

    GRADE 2 - USERNAME: fpsgrade2  PASSWORD: Fpssecond2

    GRADE 3 - USERNAME: fpsgrade3  PASSWORD: Fpsthird3

    GRADE 4 - USERNAME: fpsgrade4  PASSWORD: Fpsfourth4

    GRADE 5 - USERNAME: fpsgrade5  PASSWORD: Fpsfifth5

    Step 2: Click here to log into ConnectED-Everyday Math (see illustration below):

    ConnectEd Login Image

    Step 3: Select Launch

    Everyday Math Launch

    Select Menu, after you have Launched page-here you can choose My Reference Book, EM Games, and other activities.  :